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Our pay-per-subject fee structure covers all costs of our year long academic courses. Enrolment, equipment, exam and extracurricular costs may be additional.
International GCSE

Advanced Placement

Examination Costs

US Diploma Program

Additional Costs

Additional costs



Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement curriculum is suitable for students aged 15+, although younger students are still eligible if they meet our admissions requirements. Enrolment fees are split by subjects enrolled. Students can choose to enroll part-time or full-time. A discount is applied for families with multiple child enrollments.

US Diploma Program

The CGA US Diploma is an online, project-based program where students develop digital portfolios that capture their unique talents and vision of the world.

1-1 Da Vinci Programme

The CGA Da Vinci Programme offers students aged 7 - 18 years the opportunity to study one-on-one with one of our teachers.

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Administration Fees

Administration fees are charged at a lower rate for CGA students over Private Candidates (students who don't study through CGA but take examinations through our examination centers).

Additional Costs

One-off costs and school non-refundable administration fees.


We are committed to empowering inspired, motivated and high-performing students with equitable access to our school.

We offer financial aid and scholarships to students who have shown excellence in their academic, extracurricular, and leadership pursuits and can demonstrate the need for support.

Continued monetary support is contingent on student academic performance, active engagement in class, and also with our Extracurricular and Leadership program.


Sibling Discount

  • 2nd Child: 5%
  • 3rd Child: 10%

Policies and Notes

All pricing is per subject except for one-off costs (including our enrollment fee).

Our AP classes are all one year long. If you were to complete three courses with Crimson Global Academy the total cost incurred would include the individual costs of each of the three involved courses. However, you would not be expected to pay the full fees upfront.

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