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Our pay-per-subject fee structure covers all costs of our year-long academic courses. Enrollment, equipment, exam, and extracurricular costs may be additional.
AP™ (Advanced Placement)Total Cost (USD) Average Cost Per Subject (USD)
1 Subject$3,450$3,450
2 Subjects$6,600$3,300
3 Subjects$9,850$3,283
4 Subjects$13,000$3,250
International AS/A Level Total Cost (USD) Average Cost Per Subject (USD)
1 Subject$3,350$3,350
2 Subjects$6,500$3,250
3 Subjects$9,500$3,166
4 Subjects$12,500$3,125
5 Subjects$15,330$3,066
6 Subjects$18,000$3,000
Other CostsUSD
International AS or A-Level Examination Fee (per exam)approx $65
Advanced Placement (AP™) Examination Fee (per exam)$93
Extracurricular Activities (optional)Variable
Sibling Discount
2nd child5%
3rd child10%

Policies and Notes

All pricing is per subject except for one-off costs (including our enrollment fee).

Our International AP and A-Level academic courses are all one-year long.

If a student is enrolled at a traditional brick and mortar school, they will be considered a part-time student with CGA even if they do more than the standard full-time course load of 4+ subjects (20+ hours of instruction time per week) with us.

If a student is studying both International APs and International A-Levels, we use the average cost of the subject for the number of subjects taken at each level to calculate the final price.

Fees are tax inclusive.

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