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AP™ courses empower high school students to study first-year university level content and receive college credit for it, distinguishing themselves from their peers. Click the link below to get started.
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Study the US High School Diploma

The CGA US Diploma is an online, project-based program that empowers students to take classroom concepts and expand on academic ideas to solve real-world problems and develop digital portfolios that capture their unique talents and vision of the world.

We pride ourselves on providing the perfect mix of project-based, career-focused courses and academic rigor. Students typically graduate with a comprehensive portfolio of project-based work as well as the completion of several AP exams, demonstrating both real-world accomplishment and robust academic achievement.

Our classrooms are engaging and global. Our graduates go on to attend some of the world's most competitive universities.

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US High School Diploma Curriculum

In every course, students work in an inquiry-based classroom with teachers and peers to expand their knowledge and transfer academic concepts across content areas. Exploring how academics and the world are interconnected gives education a new level of relevance. Throughout a student’s time enrolled in the US Diploma Program they will build portfolios that encourage reflection, and allow them to showcase their mastery of course material.

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Online School FAQs

Can I do online school instead of going to school?

Yes, at Crimson Global Academy we offer full-time enrolment options for students aged 13-18 in the International GCSE curriculum. Speak to an advisor to get started.

Can I finish high school online?

At CGA, we offer the International GCSE and A Level curriculum for students aged 13-18. Our students attend a minimum of 19 hours of classes a week and have access to a full range of extracurricular activities as well as university counselling. Begin enrolling in our online high school here.

How much does online school cost?

CGA offers a pay-per-subject fee structure. This means that each student has a tailored fee structure based on their enrolment options as well as the number of subjects they elect to take. Learn more about our fees here.

Can high school students take online college courses?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level classes that US high school students take. A good score in the AP exams can translate into college credit as well.

CGA offers part time AP classes - which means you can take them in the evenings or weekends to secure college credit while in high school.

How do I enroll for online high school?

Enrolling at CGA is easy. We offer both full time and part time options for the International GCSE, A Levels and AP curriculum. Speak to an advisor to get started.

Is online school good for social anxiety?

Online school provides a smaller group of classmates for students to interact with. This can be especially helpful for those who deal with social anxiety.

At CGA, students attend small, live classes taught by world-class teachers dedicated to student excellence. Watch how our students are creating an online community.

Can you start online school anytime?

At CGA we offer flexible enrolment options with two major intakes - in January and September - each year. If you want to join outside of these intake times, speak to an advisor to learn more.

Do medical schools accept online high school degrees?

While it will depend on each individual medical school, most will accept the academic transcript from a recognized international curricula. At CGA we offer the International GCSE and A Levels, that are well regarded for their academic rigor and breadth.

Do universities accept online high school diplomas?

Most universities worldwide accept international curricula like the GCSEs and A Levels. At CGA all our students graduate with an academic transcript that can be submitted for applications to global universities. However, you should still check with your university about particular admissions criteria.

Can you graduate high school early online?

If you are ready to accelerate ahead of your traditional school year, you might be able to complete high school early. However, many schools do now allow students to accelerate.

At CGA, you study to your ability, not age. By taking classes and exams based on your ability, you could accelerate past the traditional school age to graduate early. Speak to an advisor to find out more.

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