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Our pay-per-subject fee structure covers all costs of your year-long academic courses.

Fees for 2023-24

CGA offers a pay-per-subject fee structure. This means that each student has a tailored fee structure based on their enrollment options as well as the number of subjects they elect to take.

What is the fee per subject?

Our fees per subject start at approximately USD $3,400. They cover the core requirements for a given year.

How long is each subject?

One subject is defined as a year-long course.

How many subjects do full-time students take?

Full-time students at CGA take 4 or more subjects per year. Pre-IG/IG students take 5 or more.

How many subjects do part-time students take?

Part-time students take 1-3 subjects per year.

Are there additional costs?

Any resources or activities over and above this are not covered by the fees – this would include our annual school fee, textbooks, voluntary field trips, memberships for sports clubs, examination registration, centre fees and re-sits.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, we offer a discount of 5% for the second child and 10% for the third child.


We are committed to empowering inspired, motivated and high-performing students with equitable access to our school.

We offer financial aid and scholarships to students who have shown excellence in their academic, extracurricular and leadership pursuits and can demonstrate the need for support.

Continued monetary support is contingent on student academic performance, active engagement in class and also with our Extracurricular and Leadership programme.