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Admissions Criteria and Process

We provide personalized enrollment options suited to your unique goals. Our admissions process is simple and is outlined below.
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Begin Your Journey Here

At Crimson Global Academy, we believe that education is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why we take pride in offering a highly personalised admissions process that sets the foundation for your child's successful online education experience.

Our commitment begins with a 30-minute discovery call with an experienced Admissions Officer, who will guide you throughout the admissions process and help you evaluate which learning pathway, subjects and programmes are best suited to your goals.

Your Journey Begins Here

Our Admissions Process

Enrollment to CGA is competitive as we aim to maximize personalized learning and student success through small class sizes. There are 4 easy steps to join CGA.

Step 1: Book a Personalised 30-Minute Discovery Call

During this call, we delve into understanding your child's unique academic interests, schedule requirements, suitability for online schooling and university goals. Whether via Zoom or phone call, this conversation serves as a crucial stepping stone toward crafting an educational experience that aligns with your child's aspirations.


Step 2: Complete Admissions Assessment

Students submit their most recent school reports and undergo an entrance assessment that is benchmarked locally and internationally. This helps us to understand a student’s ability and maturity, regardless of age.

Step 3: Pathway Strategy and Enrolment

CGA's expert Academic Advisors develop a personalised pathway strategy based on steps 1 and 2. This strategy outlines the most suitable courses and subjects, class schedules and programmes and academic milestones to achieve.

Step 4: Student Onboarding

Final enrollment forms are submitted, paperwork is finalized and accounts are set up. We are now ready to welcome you to CGA!

Enrollment Criteria

Enrollment to CGA is competitive as we aim to maximise personalized learning and student success through small class sizes. Our Admissions Team takes a holistic view of each student and focuses on their willingness and motivation to improve. Students who display genuine enthusiasm about learning are likely to be a good fit for CGA's online program and community.

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International Transcript Evaluation

All international applicants studying a local curriculum are required to have their transcripts and supporting documents evaluated and verified by a third party. SpanTran have created a custom application for Crimson Global Academy that will make sure you select the right kind of evaluation at a discounted rate.

If you are currently studying one of the following curricula, you DO NOT need to submit your transcript for evaluation: US Diploma (including AP) IB Diploma A-Level and GCSE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Crimson Global Academy for and are there any restrictions or limitations?

The intended age range for CGA is 13-18, however we believe education should not be based on age but rather that admission and progression should be based on competency and diagnostic testing of student ability. You can expect exceptions to be made for extraordinary achievers.

The school generally serves students who are self-motivated with highly engaged parents and a desire to be a future world leader. As a result, we do not accept students who are not academically motivated and talented relative to their normal school age expectations.

We believe geographical barriers should not limit access to the best learning opportunities. Students can enrol from around the world and schedule courses to allow for a diverse, global student class and instructor team.

What is the appropriate age to start each course?

Crimson Global Academy recognises that a students’ academic ability may not align with the year level they are placed into at a traditional school, and our grouping of students according to competency is reflective of this. Therefore, we are flexible about the age that a student starts each course. However, for ease of converting your current schooling Year to the US/UK equivalent, please refer to the table below.

Faq Table

What sort of equipment is required, including the minimum specification required of a PC?

A list of hardware requirements will be provided to each student upon enrolment. As a general rule, a laptop that is less than 3 years old should be fine for CGA school. Students may opt to purchase additional gear, such as headsets, electronic pen, and webcams to enrich their online experience.

A minimum internet connection speed of 800kpbs (up/down) is required. To share and view 1080p HD video quality, we recommend 2.0Mbps (up/down).

Are there any prerequisites for entry into each subject level?

Yes. Although we prize flexibility and individual pathways, there are prerequisites for some subjects – please contact our Enrollment Team for more information.

How do I apply for a place at CGA?

Start your application by visiting the Apply page.

Do I need to take an entry test?

CGA will carefully assess a student’s likelihood of being successful in any course of proposed study. CGA will use information provided by the student (school report, competition results for example) and an interview to determine the appropriate placement. An entry test in some circumstances might be required, especially for younger students.