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Admissions Criteria and Process

We provide personalized enrollment options suited to your unique goals. Our admissions process is simple and is outlined below.

Enrollment Criteria

Enrollment to CGA is competitive as we aim to maximise personalized learning and student success through small class sizes. Our Admissions Team takes a holistic view of each student and focuses on their willingness and motivation to improve. Students who display genuine enthusiasm about learning are likely to be a good fit for CGA's online program and community.

What is Our Admissions Process?

The First Step

To apply for admission to Crimson Global Academy, you must have an initial assessment meeting with one of our Academic Advisors.

This is not a test, nor an interview, but rather a chance for the school to understand your family’s goals, evaluate your needs, and advise on a suitable educational roadmap and enrolment option.

If you’re ready to speak to an Academic Advisor you may book an in-person or online meeting here.

If you’re seeking any further guidance or have smaller questions or concerns please feel free to direct them to our Admissions Team at