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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to questions we are often asked by students & parents. If your question is not listed below, please feel free to ask us by clicking below.

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Why choose CGA?

Crimson Global Academy has been built to accelerate academic achievement. CGA connects ambitious high school students with the best teachers in every subject, either part-time in addition to their current schooling, or full-time.

We prepare students for the real world – a student-centric, problem-based approach to learning using the very best that technology has to offer; and integrating all your studies into a modern, internationally recognized curriculum. CGA offers flexibility, learning at your own pace, superb teachers, anywhere you are.

How does an online school compare with traditional schools?

In many respects, online schooling removes much of the inefficiency and rigidity that is common in traditional brick-and-mortar schools. No time wasted in the physical coordination of large groups, no paper-based administration, no limitations on a student’s progress in a big class, no barriers to acceleration, no passive learning, no school uniform, and no one-size-fits-all approach.

At CGA, you can’t hide in the back row. Every student is seen and heard, and no one is left behind. Learning time is precious, and learning analytics help CGA keep track of a student’s cognitive and behavioral development. The same discipline that exists at a brick-and-mortar school is valued online, and your academic support team will help you stay on track every step of the way.

What is the curriculum that CGA uses?

CGA uses the International Advanced Level (A-Level) curriculum, as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

The International Advanced Level (A-Level) curriculum is provided by Pearson Edexcel. This qualification is internationally recognized and, currently, Pearson Edexcel exams are sat by over 3 million students in 6500 schools in 120 countries. The International Advanced Level qualification is usually a two-year program. International AS exams count for half of the final International A-Level grade.

AP courses allow high school students to take classes at the US university level. They allow students to study 38 subjects in-depth and prepare them for college-level work. Most US universities recognize AP credit as college credit. The AP Program offers several awards for high achievement. Each year, over 2.8 million students take AP exams, with most students taking multiple APs during the course of their high school careers. AP is one of the most recognized curricula for top universities and CGA is looking forward to launching this program.

Is Online High Schooling harder than traditional local high schooling?

This is a tricky question to answer, however, the answer is usually ‘No’. This is not because students are not academically challenged, but rather because Crimson Global Academy can be more accomodating and personalized to the demanding or unusual schedules of our students and families. This often means that our students are able to achieve more, faster.

Who is Crimson Global Academy for and are there any restrictions or limitations?

The intended age range for CGA is 13-18, however, we believe education should not be based on age but rather that admission and progression should be based on competency and diagnostic testing of student ability. You can expect exceptions to be made for extraordinary achievers.

The school generally serves students who are self-motivated with highly engaged parents and a desire to be a future world leader. As a result, we do not accept students who are not academically motivated and talented relative to their normal school-age expectations.

We believe geographical barriers should not limit access to the best learning opportunities. Students can enroll from around the world and schedule courses to allow for a diverse, global student class and instructor team.

Who are the Crimson Global Academy teachers, tutors and mentors?

The CGA team is built on experience and achievement. Our Academic staff has an average teaching tenure of over 20 years in leading schools from around the world, with qualifications from the world’s top universities, such as Cambridge.

Our Academic staff has: tutored for the National Olympiad teams, taught students that achieved the Top in Country and/or in the World for relevant subjects, educated students with perfect scores for the Standard Assessments Tests (SATs), and more. Their dedication, depth, and passion for teaching inspires and builds confidence in students to achieve their potential.

When do classes start?

CGA has 2 calendars:

  • Southern Hemisphere school calendar (Feb – Dec)
  • Northern Hemisphere school calendar (Sept – July)

New classes start in February and Sept and each class lasts for roughly nine months, followed by an examination period. Examinations are usually held in June/July and October/November.

For AP courses, our classes take place on the weekends. They’re designed for driven students that wish to study extra subjects in addition to their regular high school workload.

Classes take place in three-hour sessions (with breaks), once per week. Students will target the May 2021 exam session.

AP classes begin on Saturday, 7th November.

How does Crimson Global Academy schedule our classes?

There are two streams of classes:

  • Part-time classes: Scheduled in the afternoon/evenings and take place 3x per week.
  • Full-time classes: Scheduled during the day and take place 5x per week (will be available soon).

Regardless of whether classes are full-time or part-time, students will be expected to complete, on average, 2-3 hours of homework per week for each subject.

We know how important scheduling is to our CGA families as an organized timetable enables students to achieve their goals outside of the classroom. Students will submit their schedule availability before each term and the schedule will be set with these considerations in mind.

We know that students may have extended commitments outside of the classroom (e.g. competing at major sporting events or participating in Model United Nations). In these cases, students and parents will be responsible for the student keeping up with any coursework that is missed.

Students are required to complete a consistent amount of coursework per delivery week and are required to attend all classes.

Will Crimson Global Academy receive transcripts and official High School Graduation?

Students will receive regular and timely CGA Academic Transcripts, which detail grades and likely or expected final examination grades.

Each class will have a combination of examinations, mid-term tests, and project-based assessments (individual and group).

In order to officially graduate from High School, a student must meet the NZQA High School Graduation requirements. The requirements usually involve taking at least 3 A-Levels and 5 International GCSE subjects. Specific subjects must be taken from different subject groups and graduation will depend on their full subject completion.

Our Academic Advisors will ensure that students select the right subjects to meet graduation requirements and provide the best opportunities beyond high school.

Where are external exams sat?

For AP exams, you will receive instructions on finding a test center from your Crimson team!

For A-Levels, you can find an examination centre near you on Find a Pearson centre.

When are the examinations?

Pearson Edexcel examinations will be held in January, June, and October for most International AS/A2 subjects, and January and June for most International GCSE subjects. English Literature will be examined in January and June.

AP exams are administered in May each year. The dates for 2021 will run from May 3–7 and May 10–14. You can find the subject-specific dates at this link.

What is the appropriate age to start each course?

Crimson Global Academy recognizes that a students’ academic ability may not align with the year level they are placed into at a traditional school, and our grouping of students according to competency is reflective of this. Therefore, we are flexible about the age that a student starts each course.

What does real-time, live teaching mean?

Experienced teachers will teach all classes in real-time. This means you can ask questions, discuss issues, and receive feedback. Classes can be interactive with follow-up tutoring and video presentations.

CGA classes are limited to 12 students to ensure engagement and interaction.

What sort of equipment is required, including the minimum specification required of a PC?

A list of hardware requirements will be provided to each student upon enrollment. As a general rule, a laptop that is less than 3 years old should be fine for CGA school. Students may opt to purchase additional gear, such as headsets, electronic pen, and webcams to enrich their online experience.

A minimum internet connection speed of 800kpbs (up/down) is required. To share and view 1080p HD video quality, we recommend 2.0Mbps (up/down).

Does CGA offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

CGA is excited to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses beginning this November. AP courses allow high school students to take classes at the US university level. They allow students to study 38 subjects in-depth and prepare them for college-level work. Most US universities recognize AP credit as college credit. The AP Program offers several awards for high achievement. Each year, over 2.8 million students take AP exams, with most students taking multiple APs during the course of their high school careers. AP is one of the most recognized curricula for top universities and CGA is looking forward to launching this program.

Can I take Pearson Edexcel subjects while I am a Cambridge/IB/NCEA student?

Yes. Students should talk to a CGA Enrolment Team about University Entry requirements and subject choice.

What is the difference between Edexcel and Cambridge International?

Edexcel and Cambridge International are examination boards. The two are essentially equivalent. Most universities will accept a mixture of both Edexcel and Cambridge results. In the UK, it is highly common that multiple examination boards are often used within a single school in the UK.

Edexcel has additional advantages, including more examination sitting dates and modular exams where a student can sit a module of the subject rather than the whole subject.

Can I start classes at any time?

Yes. Please reach out to our Enrolment Team to create a plan that ensures the student is able to catch up on missed classes.

Are there any prerequisites for entry into each subject level?

Yes. Although we prize flexibility and individual pathways, there are prerequisites for some subjects – please contact our Enrollment Team for more information.

How long do the courses take? Can I take them faster?

AP courses are typically taken over the course of 7 months, but students are able to complete the qualifications faster depending on their motivation level.

The standard duration for International GCSE and International AS-Level courses is 12 months each, and a further 12 months for International A-Level courses. It is possible, however, for highly motivated students to complete the qualification more quickly.

You can take as many subjects at different levels at any given time.

How do I access the academic results?

During each term, assessments will be undertaken. Results and feedback will be made available directly on the CGA Learning Management System.

For each A-Level subject, students are typically required to undertake externally set and marked assessments and these are typically in the form of in-person written exams. These assessments are administered and graded by Edexcel. Timelines and instructions on how to access these results will be provided closer to the time of assessment.

How long does each real-time, live teaching session last?

Classes will be a maximum of 60 minutes per session.

Who are my teachers?

A list of teachers and a brief biography can be made available upon request. All of our staff have had extensive experience teaching a variety of curricula.

All are registered and resident teachers.

What if I miss a live class?

All students must attend classes. However, if this is not possible for an acceptable and valid reason, all lessons are recorded and so it is possible for students to access missed classes.

How do I engage with teachers and management?

We encourage students and their parents to direct any questions directly to the relevant teacher or Dean through the various methods provided: email, office hours, phone calls, and more. Students will also have access to their tutors regarding academic queries. If the matter requires escalation, then the Principal or Deputy Principal should be contacted.

How do I apply for a place at CGA?

Start your application by visiting the Apply page under the Admissions Menu.

Are there any additional costs on top of the fees per subject?

The fees cover the core requirements for a given year. Any resources or activities over and above this are not covered by the fees – by way of example, this would include textbooks, voluntary field trips, memberships for sports clubs, examination re-sits.

Do I need to take an entry test?

For A-Levels, CGA will carefully assess a student’s likelihood of being successful in any course of proposed study. CGA will use the information provided by the student (school report, competition results for example) and an interview to determine the appropriate placement. An entry test in some circumstances might be required, especially for younger students.

What opportunities are there to participate in sports and fitness activities?

CGA has a health and wellbeing program that aims to keep students fit and healthy. Students have access to 30-minute group fitness sessions 4 times a week and receive ongoing advice and support on their health and wellness habits.

CGA has partnerships and connections with various sports clubs. The CGA team through our dedicated sports co-ordinator can help connect students with sports clubs and activities near them as well as enter students into sports competitions as representatives of the school.

What opportunities are there to participate in arts and cultural activities?

CGA has a range of activities available for online arts and culture activities which includes a debating program where students can access top quality coaching and a book and movie club where students can discuss.

After I graduate from CGA, can I go to university in the US/UK/NZ or any other countries?

Yes, you will be well prepared to apply to enter any university in the world. As always, university entrance is competitive and successful entry will be dependent on not only a successful academic background but a breadth of co-curricular activity, which is encouraged and supported at CGA.

Is CGA a safe and inclusive environment?

CGA will ensure that all students will be provided with a safe learning environment.

CGA has experienced and talented teachers and specialist counseling staff who have worked in many of the best schools across the world.

Will I ever meet my classmates, in-person?

Depending on your location, CGA may run meetups to allow CGA students to meet each other in person. There are also opportunities for students to travel on international tours and activities to meet CGA students from around the world.

CGA also has a range of extracurricular and leadership opportunities available for students. Students will get together to participate in events, training, and competitions where appropriate.

Class lessons, when completed via the web, will involve considerable interaction with other students. Active participation in lessons will be a key ingredient to student success and enjoyment. This will be passionately fostered by CGA staff.

As a parent, what support do I need to provide?

All children require their parents and caregivers to take a healthy interest in their studies.

Parents need to ensure their children lead an active and balanced life. Encouraging them to be involved in a number of activities is critical to student wellbeing and all-round development. Students benefit greatly from the sheer enjoyment that participation in a wide range of pursuits provides.

Regular reporting and feedback will support parents to monitor, transparently, and easily, their child’s progress in assessments and class learning activities.

How does CGA guard against cyberbullying?

All CGA classes are recorded for the protection of students. The school has robust policies regarding the inappropriate use of the online space. The students will be inducted into the school’s expectations of behavior.

Will there be a school counselor?

Yes. Students will attend group classes on important social development topics. Students will also have private access to a trained counselor when required.

What will my social life be like?

CGA provides you with the platform and opportunities to have a rich and diverse social life. You’ll be entering a community of like-minded students, and we aim to help you make lifelong friends along the way.

You will become familiar with the students in your regular classes, but you’ll also have the opportunity to join online clubs and societies, plug into a network of local sporting clubs, and organize social meetups with students in your area, as well as the option to attend a variety of field trips and tours.

We also encourage students to participate in local community groups, such as internships and volunteering, to build a positive social link to the community.

Are there tours and field trips for students?

Depending on your location, CGA may run meetups to allow CGA students to meet each other in person. There are also opportunities to participate in CGA international tours which bring together students from across the globe,

CGA also has a range of extracurricular and leadership opportunities available for students. Students will get together to participate in events, training, and competitions where appropriate.