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Academic Curricula

Academically rigorous, internationally respected & university-recognized; we offer multiple curriculum options that equip students seeking academic excellence.

A Competency-Based Approach to Learning

At CGA, we believe in a learning approach based on competency and maturity, not age. This means that academically gifted learners are free to unlock their full potential in studying advanced coursework if they demonstrate the emotional maturity and willingness to do so. In fact, 45% of current CGA students are studying at an accelerated level. We also place no upper limit on the number of subjects a student may study in an academic year, within reasonable expectation of successful completion.

US High School Diploma

The CGA US Diploma Program offers a project-based academic program that empowers students to take classroom concepts and expand on academic ideas to solve real-world problems, and develop digital portfolios that capture their unique talents and vision of the world. Students leave with tangible real-world accomplishments and proven competencies that increase competitiveness in their academic and career pursuits.

International A Levels

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous, college-level courses and assessments offered in US high schools. Administered by the College Board, they have now replaced the SAT Subject Tests for college applications. With the shift to test-optional admissions policies in the United States, AP courses have become more popular for students to boost their profiles and stand out from their peers when applying to US universities.

Advanced Placement

International A-Levels

Through Pearson Edexcel, the UK’s leading Secondary school curriculum provider, Crimson Global Academy students are awarded the International GCSE and International A-Level qualifications on successful completion of our year-long accelerated subject courses. These qualifications are globally recognized for their academic rigor, flexibility, and breadth of learning.

The International A-Level curriculum is the most widely studied in the world, and in some countries, such as the United States and Canada, exceptional A-Level performance is recognized as a direct substitute for the completion of many first-year university papers.

International A Levels


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