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Empower your child to excel with a 1:1 instruction programme meticulously designed to enhance their academic journey.

Discover iPrimary

Tailored to meet your child's needs, iPrimary offers students the opportunity to cover the full curriculum of a subject of their choice with an experienced teacher, at a pace that suits their needs.

Who is iPrimary for?

iPrimary is an international curriculum for primary school students in preparation to study Pre-IG, International GCSE and A-Levels. It is also for students who want to:

  • Accelerate their studies.
  • Maximize their grades and academic ability.
  • Improve their English proficiency.
  • Customize their schedule to accommodate extracurricular commitments.
  • Improve their knowledge in a specific field or subject.
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The Pathway at CGA

Students studying iPrimary typically take 2-3 courses. It is divided into two parts, stage one and stage two, and each part will be 40 hours per subject, for a total of 80 hours. With 80 hours per subject, your child can complete a curriculum equivalent to four years of study.