Sophie Leads with Creativity as CGA's ECL Prefect

24/04/20247 minute read
Sophie Leads with Creativity as CGA's ECL Prefect

Sophie, originally aiming for the role of Prefect of Arts, found herself appointed as the ECL Prefect. This unexpected turn was not a setback but a new opportunity for her to grow in a different direction. As a student who enjoys participating in extracurricular activities outside the classroom, this role aligned with her interests.

Happy with the outcome of her leadership position, Sophie shares how she was also appointed the role of Social Media Manager for Art Club. With her love for art, and painting this was the perfect fit. “I'm the social media manager for the Art Club. I just got elected for that too, so I'm a little bit excited…and very happy with getting ECL Prefect.”

Eager to start her new leadership role Sophia from Queensland, Australia is set to make a change and improve club engagement for students.

Sophie's Mission to Motivate

During her time at CGA, Sophie noticed a lack of motivation among students to join different clubs. Determined to change this, she has made it her mission to ensure all students are motivated and engaged in their extracurriculars - an important aspect of a students portfolio, especially for those aiming for top universities.

"I just really want to help. I think it'll help me grow as a person, to be a leader. I'm quite shy, I have a lot of anxiety about things, but this year is my first full year at CGA, and so I want to continue growing as a person." It’s this kind of vulnerability of our students that makes them such great leaders for our school community.

Sophie's decision to step out of her comfort zone and join the student leadership team is a courageous move and one which we're sure we’ll see great things come out of in our extracurricular clubs this year.

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Creating A Collaborative School Community

Under Sophie's leadership at ECL Prefect she has many projects on the way. One of her first initiatives is to replace the stock image on the CGA home banner with student artwork. "One thing I first thought of when I wanted to apply for a leadership position was putting student artwork or student images up on the CGA home banner," highlighting a missed opportunity for showcasing student talent.

Along with her creative ideas, Sophie plans to implement club collaboration, particularly between the art and composing clubs, to assist in creative synergies and wider engagement. "I’d like to organise collaboration between the composing club and other clubs to help students get their music on Spotify, help them publish their music, and then the art club could create album covers for them. I thought that was a cool idea."

At CGA, we have numerous high-performing students with talents in academics, music, athletics, fencing, rowing, and many more. It’s with our flexible class schedules, student-led clubs among other extracurricular opportunities that our students can dedicate more time to focusing on their passions and working with other students who share similar interests.

Leadership Inspiration

Sophie’s approach to leadership is very much inclusive and community-focused, where she aims to make other students feel supported. She believes that a good leader is like a friend who integrates everyone’s ideas.

Inspired by a former CGA Arts Club leader, Sophie aims to embody the same friendly and inclusive leadership style. "She was the previous arts club leader… she was always very nice and very friendly when talking to me… and so I think that is a good way to run it."

Being A Full-Time Student at CGA

Since joining CGA, Sophie has noticed considerable growth. Her interaction with teachers and participation in various clubs has helped to boost her confidence and leadership skills. "Talking in class with the teachers really helped me become more confident. My history teacher told me at the end of the year that he really felt I've grown a lot because I was very shy at the beginning."

Students at CGA often attest that our online learning model has enabled them to take ownership of their studies, having to really be responsible for their own learning. And Sophie was no different. As a full time student at CGA for one year now Sophie has developed healthy study habits. "Being at CGA is very much student-motivation-led. Learning to manage time has been something I've definitely improved upon and learned throughout the year. Studying as well. I never used to study at my brick-and-mortar school because I knew I could always do it during class and I felt that the [schoolwork] was a bit too easy. So I enjoy CGA."

For Sophie, her ambitions extend to the arts, as she plans to get accepted into a top college to enhance her artistic career. She is confident that studying her A Levels at CGA is the key to helping her get there. “I really want to be an artist. So I would want to pursue academics further on at college. And I think [completing] my A Levels will help me get into a good university here in Australia because [A levels] is quite harder than the curriculum here in Australia.”

Because of its rigorous international standards, CGA's A Level curriculum draws students who aim to rise to the challenge, with those who complete their studies having a greater chance of securing a future in their desired field or university.

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A Class Schedule of Dreams

CGA's flexible schedule allows Sophie unique opportunities to get ahead in her chosen career, like attending art school, which would be impossible in  a traditional school setting. “CGA lets me go to art school. I go to an art school every Monday. I usually couldn't if I went to a brick-and-mortar school. I can go outside of usual school times as well as meet with older artists who usually wouldn't be there at sessions that are run after school, and really engage with them.” This opportunity is invaluable, as it provides mentorship and learning from experienced professionals, essential for growth in any career path. It’s experiences like these that allow students to really dictate their educational learning.

Ready to join Sophie in the classroom? Speak with an academic advisor today to learn how your child can be part of an academically driven community.