Becoming a Musician at CGA: Meet Eva

14/02/20244 minute read
Becoming a Musician at CGA: Meet Eva

Through her A-Level studies with CGA, student Eva from Russia, envisions a future where her name is known worldwide—not just for her academic achievements but for her music. At just 17 years old, she's already making significant strides towards this goal, balancing a rigorous academic schedule with her passion for music. "My biggest dream in life is to become a worldwide known musician, songwriter, and an artist," says Eva.

Balancing Academics and Music

CGA's flexible online education model has been an instrumental addition to Eva's life. It allows her the unique opportunity to dive deep into her studies—Physics, Maths, English Literature, and History—while simultaneously dedicating time to her music. "Because of CGA, I can at the same time focus on my academics and on my musical career," she explains. This dual focus is something Eva believes would have been unattainable in a traditional school setting.

Her recent achievements speak volumes about her talent and hard work. Participating in hit show, The Voice, releasing her original album, and even securing a scholarship at Berkeley highlight her trajectory towards musical success. "I wrote my original album while I was studying in CGA," she shares. This balance is further exemplified as she talks about recording her album and publishing videos for her songs, all while not missing a beat in her academic pursuits.

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Support for Aspiring Talent

Beyond academic support, CGA fosters an environment where students' passions and personal development are given equal importance. "The teachers support me in many ways, [like] when I really focused on my songwriting and I was writing my album," says Eva, with many thanks to CGA's flexible scheduling that allowed her to pursue her music career without compromising her academic responsibilities.

CGA understands the importance of this balance for students like Eva, who are dedicated to excelling in both their personal and academic pursuits. The personalised attention from teachers and the opportunity to request clarification or further explanation on challenging topics are aspects of CGA she highly values. "In CGA, I feel that I can achieve much more than in normal schools," shares Eva, emphasizing the tailored academic support that CGA offers.

CGA: Where Dreams Come to Life

Eva's story is a vivid illustration of CGA's philosophy: education should be tailored to fit the student, not the other way around. By providing a robust support system that caters to individual needs, CGA ensures that every student has the opportunity to excel academically while pursuing their dreams, making it a nurturing ground for the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and creators.

Watch Eva's full story below.