An Ambitious Student's Journey in 1:1 Online Learning at CGA's Primary School

16/04/20246 minute read
An Ambitious Student's Journey in 1:1 Online Learning at CGA's Primary School

James from Victoria, Australia, is an example of a modern-day student. Reshaping the traditional educational model to suit his unique learning style, James is blending both traditional primary school classes and part time studies at CGA.  By taking subjects such as English, Math, and Science, this combination allows James to access a broader range of educational opportunities, unrestricted by conventional limits.

A Day in the Life of Online and Physical Schooling

James's CGA routine takes place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, providing a structured yet flexible learning environment after his traditional school day. This schedule allows him to unwind, have a snack, and reset before diving into CGA classes about 5pm. His sessions start with a review of homework followed by an exploration of new or ongoing topics. James finds his CGA days help him remain engaged and progress steadily in his favourite subjects.

Why James Chose CGA’s Primary Classes

Driven by a curiosity to expand his knowledge beyond the confines of traditional education, James chose CGA Primary for its one-on-one classes that offer personalised sessions. For James, what sets DaVinci classes apart, is the undivided attention and customisation of the learning experience, allowing him to further explore the subjects he's passionate about while addressing areas for improvement. "Doing one-on-one sessions is good because they just focus on you.”

Want to know James's advice for students considering online schooling? Watch his full testimonial video here below.

For James' parents Nadia and John, CGA was an opportunity to help James accelerate his academic performance. "When we went along to CGA open day what was refreshing about it was it was about academic excellence and having the results to back that up," says John.

Nadia shares how one of the advantages of doing the 1:1 DaVinci has been that "the teacher can completely tailor it to where James is at." The 1:1 classes have been instrumental in James learning and Nadia appreciates how the small classes allow him to dive into topics of interest. "In math he wanted to know something about negative numbers, and [the teacher] was able to jump right in and go through negative numbers and then jump right back to where they group classes you don't always have that flexibility."

Personalised Learning at Its Best

Through his classes James has enjoyed mastering new topics, from long division and algebra to the periodic table, under the guidance of CGA’s dedicated teacher who makes learning enjoyable and relevant. "My teacher is really nice and she always knows how to make it interesting and focus on how I can improve and learn.” He also shares his love for conducting experiments at CGA, which is a commonly asked question by families interested in online learning. So how does it work? “The teacher gives you all the instructions beforehand so when the class begins you can get straight to the fun part.”

One of James's favourite aspects of CGA is the hands-on experiments conducted during his classes. “In my Chemistry class I found it very fun and enjoyable because you actually get to do experiments so you're a lot more engaged in it," he says. The preparatory instructions provided by his teacher ensure that James can jump straight into the practical aspect, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

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Growth Through DaVinci

James's experience with CGA’s DaVinci program has been transformative. "A couple of weeks after I started doing DaVinci maths I noticed that I had already moved up a group and I was learning a lot more,” he recounts. James's studies with CGA has led him to a newfound passion for Math, which has opened his eyes to potential futures in science or engineering. "Once I started DaVinci, I realised that I liked maths a lot more and was really good at it.” By challenging the norms of traditional education, James is advancing ahead of his peers in the conventional system.

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