University Admissions Results 2024

02/04/202416 minute read
University Admissions Results 2024

The 2023/2024 academic year at CGA has been marked by exceptional success in university admissions. with our students securing over 60 offers from prestigious universities in the US and UK. Our students have once again demonstrated that with determination and perseverance they hold the keys to their academic future.

CGA Student Achievements

We are proud to have received offers from the Top 15 Universities in the 2024 World University Rankings including, Cambridge University, Cornell University, Imperial College, Oxford University, UC Berkeley. Congratulations to all our students on a year of triumph.

Our 2023/2024 students outcomes:

  • Ivy League offers (Princeton, Columbia, Cornell)
  • 60+ university offers
  • 5 offers to Oxbridge
  • 21 offers to the world's top 20 universities
  • Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship, an honour awarded to less than 1% of first-year applicants, covering four full years of tuition.
CGA University Results
Top UniversityAdmission Results from CGA Students
Cambridge University2
Columbia University1
Cornell University2
Queen Mary University of London1
Carnegie Mellon1
University of Toronto1
UC Berkeley2
Washington University2
Oxford University3
University of Edinburgh2
Johns Hopkins1
University of Toronto1
Berklee College of Music1
Williams College1
University of Kent1
Pace University 2
UNC Chapel Hill1
Bradley University 1
Oxford Brookes University1
Vanderbilt University1
DePaul University2
Pembroke College1
University of Manchester2
San Diego State1
Newcastle University 1
Middlebury College1
University of Michigan1
Georgia Tech1
University of Glasgow1
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign1
Chapman University 1
UC Irvine1
Loyola Marymount1
King's College London3
UC San Diego1
University of Durham2
Imperial College1
NYU Shanghai1
NYU Stern1
University of York1
University of Sheffield1
University of Amsterdam1
Leiden University1
Newcastle University 1
Maastricht University1

Global Student Success Stories at CGA

Our students are nothing short of incredible and study with CGA from all over the world in pursuit of achieving top academic results and admission success into their dream universities.

Jade from New Zealand received admissions offers from seven top US universities, including Princeton University, Columbia University, Michigan University, Northwestern and Georgia Institute of Technology. "I was completely shocked… I didn't expect to be in the position where I had so many amazing schools to choose from.” says Jade, on her acceptance to Princeton University.

"I don’t think I'd imagined I'd be at this point, so soon, but I think CGA and the community around me have really prepared me for the next steps in my life. And I'm very excited for everything.”

Want to know how Jade got into seven top US universities? Read our latest blog.

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Hao from Vietnam balanced his AP Computer Science studies at CGA with a variety of extracurricular activities. His strong aptitude in Mathematics earned him a place at Oxford University, alongside offers from other prestigious universities, including Cornell University and the University of Toronto.

"Thanks to my tutors who gave me a lot of useful feedback and advice, I was able to write an excellent essay. As for my A Level studies, I think the past papers and feedback from teachers are the key to getting a high grade and acceptance into university. This helped me realise what I was missing in my understanding. I wouldn’t have made this far without the support from CGA." - Kanon, CGA Student from Japan, accepted into Durham University.

Eva, CGA student from Russia, managed her academics while pursuing her passion for music. Participating in The Voice, releasing an album, and earning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. "Online education gives me many opportunities. I can work on my music, songwriting, vocal, piano playing, and at the same time my academics.”

Why Aim for Top Universities?

Attending a top-tier university not only gives students a gateway to immense opportunities but also immerses students in an environment of unparalleled prestige. Universities are renowned for their extensive resources, offering students access to cutting-edge research facilities and a wealth of academic materials. Additionally, they boast a global network of alumni and professionals, facilitating connections that span across various industries and disciplines worldwide.

At these universities, students have the privilege of learning directly from leading scholars. This exposure to thought leadership and innovative research methodologies significantly enriches the educational experience. Our students' recent university admission results are a clear indication of their readiness to excel in such stimulating environments. With the comprehensive preparation and support received at CGA, they have positioned themselves to make the most of the opportunities presented by attending world-leading universities.

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Supporting Your Path to University Success

CGA is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of students aiming for the world’s top universities. Our approach is personalised and student-centred, ensuring that each student benefits from comprehensive support tailored to their unique goals and academic journey.

Our team of educators, experienced in the intricacies of the global university admissions landscape, leverages their expertise to guide students through the application process. From selecting the right courses to take, to applying for universities, crafting standout essays, and developing a strong extracurricular profile, CGA offers a holistic support system designed to maximise student chances of admission to their dream universities.

Our commitment to excellence and personalised support is what sets our students apart in achieving their university aspirations.

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