Celebrating Leadership: CGA's 2024 Student Leaders

09/01/20245 minute read
Celebrating Leadership: CGA's 2024 Student Leaders

As we start a new academic year at Crimson Global Academy, we're really excited to introduce our student leaders for 2024. At CGA, we believe in giving students the chance to be leaders, just like you'd find in a traditional school setting. This means our students get to learn how to lead, make decisions, and help shape our school into a great place.

Our student leaders for this year are more than just representatives for their classmates. They are the ones who will bring new ideas and make big changes in our school. They play a big role in making CGA a better place for everyone, and we can't wait to see what they do.

CGA's 2024 Student Leaders

Before we delve into the qualities that make a great leader, let's once again acknowledge our newly appointed leaders across the Aoraki and Greenwich Campuses.

Aoraki Campus

Head Students: Max G and Paige B

Head of Elon House: Athalia O

Head of Morrison House: Lucy S

Academic Prefect: Lily W

Cultural Prefect: Isabella C

Arts Prefect:  Emma M (Performing arts) and Milan L ( Visual Arts)

Social Life Prefect: Riley D

ECL’s Prefect: Sophie U

Prefect of Junior School: Sydney S

Junior School Leader: Ryota W

Team Members:

Academic Team Members: Rikuto W and Josie B

Cultural Team Members: Bella B and Dora C

Arts Team Advisor: Siena M

Social Life Team Members: Sera N and Matisse C

ECL’s Team Members: Lilian A and Leilani O

Greenwich Campus

Head Student: Kanawas (Khun) S

Head of Hawking House: Keisha P

Head of Malala House: Nandini P

Academic Prefect: Mahathi P and Kabo K

ECL Prefect: Ariana L and Karthik P

Cultural Prefect: Sara H and Noor S

Senior Student Mentor: Caitlin C

Student Mentors: Njabulo M, Yoshino N and Alex B

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What Makes a Great Student Leader?

Leadership is defined as a series of traits and actions that inspire and influence others. Our student leaders embody these qualities, setting a standard for their peers and the entire CGA community.

1. Vision and Purpose

Great leaders have a clear vision. They set goals not just for themselves but for the groups they lead, providing direction and purpose.

2. Empathy and Understanding

Understanding and relating to others is crucial. Leaders who show empathy can build strong, respectful relationships, fostering a supportive environment.

3. Responsibility and Integrity

With leadership comes responsibility. Our leaders are accountable for their actions and decisions, demonstrating honesty and strong moral principles.

4. Effective Communication

The ability to communicate clearly and listen attentively is vital. It ensures that ideas are shared, and everyone feels heard and valued.

5. Adaptability and Resilience

The best leaders are adaptable and resilient, able to navigate challenges and changes while maintaining their composure and inspiring confidence.

6. Inclusivity and Collaboration

Great leaders recognise the strength in diversity. They foster inclusivity and teamwork, knowing that collective efforts yield the best results.

7. Continuous Learning and Growth

A true leader is always learning, open to new ideas, and personal growth. They inspire others to pursue knowledge and self-improvement.

What Will Student Leadership Look Like in 2024?

As our 2024 student leaders begin their leadership journey, they are setting a precedent and crafting a legacy that will resonate with future CGA students to come.

We are eagerly looking forward to supporting and observing the growth and accomplishments of our student leaders this year. Their journey symbolises the vibrant and dynamic essence of CGA, showcasing a blend of innovation, empathy, and resilience. We have full confidence that they will lead with distinction, making this academic year exceptionally memorable.

A big congratulations to all our student leaders! We can't wait to see all the great things you'll do and lead in 2024!