Introducing Ryota: CGA's 2024 Junior Student Leader

04/01/20244 minute read
 Introducing Ryota: CGA's 2024 Junior Student Leader

Ryota, the Junior Student Leader for 2024 at Crimson Global Academy (CGA), stands as a shining example of how youthful leadership can make a significant impact in an online educational setting. At only 13 years old and based in Nishinomiya, Japan, he is balancing a challenging academic load, including GCSEs and IAS subjects, while also making substantial contributions to enhancing the CGA community.

Addressing the Challenges of Online Schooling

In his leadership role, Ryota's focus goes beyond his personal academic achievements. He explains, "My main ambitions were to be productive in academics but specifically... I offered to act as a role for students... for assistance, note-taking tips, and to make their CGA experience easier." Ryotas approach highlights his commitment to not just his own success but the success of the CGA community as a whole.

Ryota is deeply invested in improving social dynamics within CGA, a challenge unique to online schools. He aims to enhance social interaction among students, recognising the importance of communication for mental development at a young age. To do so he intends to continue working towards creating more engaging opportunities for students, leveraging platforms like Slack and advocating for teacher-led events to encourage more participation from his peers.

When asked about his motivation to be part of the school leadership team he told us how he was influenced by his transition from traditional to online schooling. Initially daunting, he soon found his place at CGA, thanks to supportive teachers and classmates. His experience inspired him to assist others in navigating and excelling in this unique educational environment.

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Ryota's Vision for CGA

In his vision for CGA, Ryota imagines a school that is not only academically prestigious but also vibrant in student interactions and community building. He plans to introduce innovative ideas to boost engagement, like teacher-student collaborative projects and interactive class formats. Drawing from his positive experiences in her engaging physics classes, he sees the potential for similar approaches to enrich other courses and student interactions.

Outside his leadership and academic responsibilities, Ryota enjoys activities such as tennis and swimming. He has a keen interest in molecular biology and aspires to contribute to scientific research, particularly in medical fields. 

Join the CGA Community

Ryota's story is an inspiring example of the difference young leaders can make in their educational communities. His final advice to his peers included, "Being selfish for validation from others is not the number one priority. It should be just trying to be the best version of yourself." This perspective is indicative of his leadership qualities and commitment to personal growth. We are proud to have him representing our Junior Student Leader for 2024.

If you are inspired by his journey and looking to study alongside like-minded peers, speak with one of our Academic Advisors. Learn more about how your child can contribute to and benefit from CGA's engaging educational environment.