Meet our Head Student of CGA for 2024

27/12/20235 minute read
Meet our Head Student of CGA for 2024

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) prides itself on nurturing future leaders, and the appointment of Max as Head Student for 2024 exemplifies this commitment. In a recent interview, Max shared his experiences and insights, providing a glimpse into the vibrant life at CGA.

A Glimpse into Max’s Journey at CGA

Max, currently 16, has been a part of CGA's community for four years. He’s not just a student deeply engaged in his A-levels; Max is a testament to CGA’s ethos of nurturing well-rounded individuals. His academic pursuits in 2024 will encompass a challenging combination of Business, Mathematics, English, Chemistry, and Biology.

His leadership trajectory began as a House leader, laying the foundation for his current role. He explains, “I was part of the leadership team this year as a House leader. So, you know, I kind of had a bit of experience with the structure of the leadership team already.” His vision for 2024 is centred on increasing student engagement and enhancing the culture around house competitions.

Moreover, Max has observed and contributed to the evolution of CGA's community spirit, particularly through assemblies and extracurricular activities. His perspective as both a participant and a leader in these areas has given him a unique vantage point to assess and influence the school’s communal and educational environment.

In his role, Max emphasises the importance of balancing academic rigour with personal growth and community involvement. His philosophy of leadership extends beyond just managing tasks; it involves inspiring others, fostering a supportive environment, and leading by example.

Max's Leadership Philosophy

Max’s approach to leadership is grounded in pushing himself outside his comfort zone and giving back to the CGA community. He says, “I guess for me, there's a couple of key things: probably pushing myself into leadership roles to push myself outside my comfort zone... But then also… to give back to crimson as a whole.”

He has witnessed CGA’s evolution, especially in aspects like assemblies and house competitions, which have significantly contributed to fostering a sense of community and student engagement.

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Personal Growth and Future Aspirations

Max candidly shares his personal growth journey, emphasising the development of time management skills and self-study discipline. Speaking about his future, he expresses interest in pursuing higher education in Australia or exploring international internships. His passion for cycling remains a crucial part of his life, balancing academic pursuits with sports.

The CGA Community

When asked to describe the CGA community, Max’s immediate response is “diverse.” He elaborates, “There's so many different aspects to school; you've got clubs, ranging from everything from... Minecraft club to a chess club to Lego clubs, photography... There's people with interests in everything.

Max’s advice to his peers is profound yet straightforward: “Don't focus 100% on your academics... Enjoy life while you have it. Get engaged within the community.”

Looking Ahead: Plans for 2024

As for his plans as Head Student, Max intends to enhance student engagement through innovative initiatives and competitions. He believes in the power of first steps in engagement and wants to cultivate an environment where every student feels included and motivated to participate.

When discussing how he plans to take on the role and different leadership attributes, Max emphasises integrity and the ability to communicate effectively. “One attribute that I kind of look at as being key would be integrity, doing what you say you can do.”

A Thriving Educational Journey

Reflecting on his time at CGA, Max commends the welcoming and engaging nature of online classes and the sense of community CGA offers. As he looks forward to 2024, his enthusiasm for his role and the potential to positively impact the CGA community is palpable. He concludes, “Just really looking forward to 2024 and seeing what we can do.”

Are you inspired by Max's journey and eager to carve your own path at Crimson Global Academy? Discover how you can join a community of motivated students like Max, where you can grow academically, develop leadership skills, and make a lasting impact. Speak with one of our Academic Advisors today to learn more.