Athalia's CGA Journey: Student Success Story

13/11/20234 minute read
Athalia's CGA Journey: Student Success Story

Athalia, a 15-year-old full-time student at Crimson Global Academy (CGA), based in New Zealand, shares her transformative education experience with us. Since joining CGA, Athalia's journey has been one of remarkable academic and personal growth. She credits the school for not only enhancing her educational skills but also for nurturing her personal ambitions and goals.

Athalia's Growth and Community Support at CGA

"I've definitely developed a lot of not just personal skills but a lot of the people in the CGA Community, my teachers, my classmates have all been really supportive of some of my dreams, helping me define some of my goals and showing me what I need to do to actually get there," reflects Athalia.

The CGA community, with our inclusive and friendly atmosphere, has played a pivotal role in Athalia's journey. She highlights the diverse and strong personalities within the community and appreciates the mutual support and encouragement to succeed. The global network of friends she's made at CGA extends beyond New Zealand, having gained friends from all over the world, offering her a unique and enriching social experience.

Athalia's mother, echoing her daughter's sentiments, shares how CGA has enabled Athalia to take control of her education and life. She emphasizes the uniqueness of each child's educational journey and encourages parents to consider CGA as a viable option, especially if traditional paths are less effective.

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Balancing Academics and Extracurriculars

At CGA, Athalia has learned vital life skills such as discipline and time management. She describes the technological tools used at CGA, like OneNote, Slack, the CGA home platform, and the CGA app, which facilitate easy access to class schedules, homework, and communication with teachers and peers.

Balancing her academic life with extracurricular activities, Athalia is also involved in school clubs, student leadership, competitive swimming, CrossFit, and a business initiative called Keep Safe, which educates young girls about online safety. The supportive environment at CGA extends to her entrepreneurial and extracurricular endeavors, with teachers and classmates always ready to lend a hand.

For Athalia, the relationships formed at CGA are invaluable. She treasures the strong connections with her classmates, who provide support not just academically, but also in personal matters.

Why CGA?

Athalia expresses her fondness for CGA, particularly cherishing the friendships and connections she has made. "There are so many things I love about CGA; it's really hard to pick a favorite. Maybe my favorite would be my classmates and my friends."

Athalia's story at CGA is not just about academic excellence, but also about personal development, community engagement, and forming lasting relationships.

You can watch the full story below.