10 Hidden Benefits of having Kids in an Online School

19/03/20248 minute read
10 Hidden Benefits of having Kids in an Online School

When it comes to joining an online school like Crimson Global Academy, the hidden benefits are often overlooked. That is until the school year starts and families start to notice that life at an online school makes everything a little bit easier.

So what makes online school so great? In this blog we'll explore the 10 benefits of having your children in an online school that you'll want to consider.

Top 10 Hidden Benefits of Enrolling in CGA.

1. No Peak Hour Commute

Without doubt, the first benefit that comes to mind for many families is getting rid of the daily rush hour traffic jams and the stress of the school run. Students can say goodbye to early morning alarms just to beat the traffic. With online schooling, the classroom is just a few clicks away, offering a more relaxed and flexible start to the day.

2. No Mandatory Extracurriculars/Weekend Sport

CGA offers a wide range of extracurricular activities but nothing is mandatory. Students have the freedom to explore their interests without feeling obligated to participate in activities that may not align with their passions or schedules. This flexibility allows for a more balanced lifestyle where students can pursue hobbies, sports, or personal interests on their own terms.

3. No School Uniform/No Heavy and Expensive Textbooks

Gone are the days of trying to figure out which uniform is “least dirty” or seeing your child haul a school bag bigger than they are! At CGA, there are no school uniform requirements and the vast majority of the texts are in the eBook format (although students can still order the physical copy if they like!). This not only lightens the financial load but also promotes a more inclusive and comfortable learning environment.

4. No Missed Class / Revision Made Easy

We have all had that experience of dragging yourself to school tired or sick for fear of missing a class or sitting in class on a Friday afternoon and struggling to fully focus. At CGA, students can rest assured that they have the ultimate backup plan and revision tool - full class recordings. Recorded lessons and archived materials ensure that learning remains accessible even when life's unexpected events arise.

For student athletes, musicians, or entrepreneurs this flexibility enables students to manage their time effectively and maintain academic progress without the stress of falling behind. Read how CGA student Eva from Russia, competing on the hit TV show The Voice, and recorded her own album while studying with CGA.

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5. No Long School Waitlist

At top schools in Australia, you’ll find the waitlist full of children who are still in nappies with some as young as three months old! This is because traditional schools are limited by the size of their physical classrooms. CGA on the other hand has grown from 25 students to 1500+ students in just a few years without putting one family on a waitlist such is the flexibility of online classes.

6. No "School Zone" Issues

Every day, we see parents trying to move house or figure out where exactly a school catchment zone begins and ends. Don’t give up your dream home for a school! At CGA, we always encourage families to plan their lives and we will fit around them. CGA now has students from more than 60 countries making school zones a thing of the past.

7. Travel Flexibility

We often meet families who are working on their travel plans and quickly realise that with an online school, the rush to get back in time for the start of term no longer exists! Whether it's a family vacation, a cultural expedition, or a parent business trip, students can continue their education from anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring continuity in learning experiences.

See how a current CGA family is traveling to every country in the world while excelling in their studies with us.

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8. Private Classes Give Extra Time

Not all online schools are created equal and at CGA, families looking for the ultimate flexibility often elect for private classes through the Da Vinci program. These classes are perfect for busy students juggling intensive schedules in sport, music or the performing arts or can be a great option for extended travel with occasional study.

9. Friends Around the Local Community and the World

Imagine being in a class and seeing the sunset in one student’s background and the sun rise on another. Diversity within a school is key to a student’s understanding of the world around them and this is truly an asset of an online school. Students regularly swap stories of their home countries, recipes, language exchange and more fostering that sense of community and global citizenship.

10. More Insight into the School Day

CGA provides you with a closer look into your child's daily academic activities. Through access to the Parent Portal, you can stay informed about coursework, assignments, and progress more intimately. This heightened transparency strengthens the parent-school partnership and enables more informed decision-making regarding your child's education.

Online School: The CGA Difference

Online schooling at CGA is more than rigorous academics; it's about giving families the freedom to explore personal interests and tap into global opportunities.

Ready to step beyond the traditional education boundaries? Find out how CGA can reshape your child's education. Speak with our Academic Advisors today for tailored support. They're here to answer all your questions and guide you through our diverse course offerings, including A levels, Advanced Placement, and the US Diploma. Let us help you map out a path that perfectly aligns with your child's goals and future aspirations.