The Ultimate Flexibility and Personalised Learning for Travelling Families

13/03/202414 minute read
The Ultimate Flexibility and Personalised Learning for Travelling Families

Education is changing as we know it - in fact, it's better. Today, many families are breaking away from traditional confines to embrace the possibilities of exploration and discovery. At Crimson Global Academy (CGA), we're leading this transformation by providing online learning experiences tailored for families with a nomadic lifestyle.

Our global classrooms are home to over 1500 students from more than 50 countries. This diversity, paired with our adept handling of various time zones, guarantees accessible, high-quality education for every student, no matter where they are in the world. We connected with globe-trotting CGA family, the Patton's, to offer an in-depth look at how they found the ultimate flexibility and personalised learning for their children while on the go.

Meet The Patton Family

What started off as a five-week holiday to Europe in 2013 turned into a passion for exploration for Tyler, Chantal, and their three daughters, Julia, Angelique, and Chloe. Fast forward to 2024, the Patton's have since travelled to 100 countries, with no intention of stopping.

For full insight into their life around the world visit their website Growing Up Without Borders.

CGA: The Education Solution

Throughout their global adventures, the Patton's encountered significant challenges in providing their children with a stable education. They found that traditional and some online schooling options were inadequate, lacking the necessary structure, support, and flexibility. That's when they sought out Crimson Global Academy. Here they found a solution that perfectly combined their love for exploration with their children's academic goals. With the help and support of CGA, the Patton children have not only been able to continue their nomadic lifestyle, they've been able to receive the quality education they need, and reach new heights academically.

“My academics have pushed me to a higher level, I’m a year ahead than I would be in a normal high school. And my teachers have definitely helped me to advance because they're really good at what they do, and they teach me everything I need to know.” - CGA Student, Chloe

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Why CGA for Travelling Families?

For families who live life on the move, CGA is not just another homeschool program - yet represents a traditional school community, online. With expert teachers, structured timetables and a worldwide community of peers, students have the resources to excel both academically and personally no matter where they are based. The unique challenge that travelling families often face is that they require a school that does more than just accommodate their lifestyle - it needs to support and enhance their children's education. This is precisely what CGA offered the Patton family.

For Mom, Chantal, CGA has been a learning environment that not only acknowledges the distinct needs of her travelling family but works to meet them where they are. "CGA has been very understanding when it comes to that and so it's been super helpful for our girls. They've been super adaptive in helping us with that."

“and if you need support, or for your kids to be educated by real teachers. There are only certain things that you can teach your kids. And if you're not skilled in some of the higher things within biology, chemistry, or certain academics that you might not know, CGA is a great alternative, because it provides access to excellent teachers.”

More travelling families are choosing to study with CGA's 1:1 Da Vinci Programme

The Da Vinci Programme offers students aged 8 - 18 years the opportunity to cover the full curriculum of subjects of their choice with experienced instructors, at a pace that suits their needs.

The ideal solution for:

  • Accelerating academics: Da Vinci offers flexible learning opportunities, accommodating students' busy schedules, and providing them with advanced content and academic profile building for top university admission.
  • Flexibility: The 1-1 Da Vinci program offers travelling families the ultimate flexibility with classes booked by the student covering a full year's curriculum in an average of 50 hours per subject.
  • Catching up on schoolwork: For students who have fallen behind, can condense two years of curriculum into a single year.

"Angelique's dedication to learning is truly commendable. Despite her busy schedule and the constant movement associated with traveling, she has consistently shown enthusiasm and a genuine thirst for knowledge.

It was a collaborative effort to cover the curriculum while Angelique was traveling and exploring the world. Angelique's eagerness to learn and her ability to manage her studies alongside her travels were truly remarkable. As her teacher, I adapted to her unique circumstances by employing innovative teaching methods and flexible scheduling. Understanding her needs and keeping her motivated were key in ensuring that we successfully completed the curriculum despite her adventures abroad. Together, we navigated through the curriculum, providing her with a well-rounded education while she experienced the wonders of the world." - Jatinder Singh, Da Vinci Mathematics Teacher

CGA In Comparison

There are several aspects that make CGA the perfect fit for travelling families:

World-Class Teachers: CGA's educators go beyond traditional teaching roles, acting as mentors who offer individualised support and guidance to nurture each student's academic journey.

Flexibility and Adaptability: The ability to access classes from any corner of the globe, combined with schedules that adapt to various time zones, ensures that education can continue seamlessly, regardless of location.

A Comprehensive Curriculum: From the US Diploma Program, A Levels and Advanced Placement courses, CGA challenges and engages students with a wide-ranging curriculum that encourages them to pursue their interests and prepare for their future careers.

A Global Classroom: At CGA, students are part of a global community, promoting a sense of international understanding and cooperation that is invaluable for young minds growing up in a connected world.

Extracurricular Opportunities: CGA promotes a well-rounded education through a diverse range of clubs and activities. Students can engage in everything from Debate Club and Science Olympiad to Entrepreneurship or Chess Club, offering them a platform to pursue their interests, develop new skills, and connect with peers who share their passions.

Discover the CGA Difference! Read our latest blog and explore how we're transforming education for nomadic families.

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How CGA Supports Travelling Families

It's a common worry among parents: Are our kids getting the right education to succeed now and in the future? CGA helps to address this issue by offering an inclusive environment for both parents and students alike. CGA's approach extends beyond providing the tools for students to succeed in all facets while on the move. It also provides a comprehensive support system for parents, ensuring they feel actively involved throughout their child's educational journey and within the school community.

At the heart of CGA's parent support system are Parent-Teacher Nights, which offer families a chance to connect directly with educators, and discuss their child’s academic progress. Additionally, CGA hosts Family Meetings, monthly gatherings that bring together the entire community—students included—to share updates, engage in discussions, and offer parents the opportunity to participate in the school community.

“There's a lot of support around here. There's also a community Facebook group that you can join along with other parents, so you have a lot of support when it comes to that.” - Chantal

Blending Education with Exploration

A child's education is often top priority for parents, but compromising work opportunities, passions, or lifestyle isn't always ideal due to constraints with accessing quality education. That's why CGA is committed to ensuring families have access to a rigorous curriculum that aligns with the unique lifestyles of our families. For travelling families, like the Pattons, CGA offers a blend of top-tier curriculum, exceptional teaching staff, and a global learning community. This combination ensures that every student's education is as boundless as their travels.

To really understand the impact of CGA on families who embrace the world as their classroom,  watch the full video testimonial from the Patton family below, or speak to us to learn more.

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