Building Global Connections: CGA Students Meet in Singapore

25/10/20233 minute read
Building Global Connections: CGA Students Meet in Singapore

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) isn't your typical online school; it's a global community that provides students with the flexibility to explore the world while pursuing their academic goals. This is seen by a remarkable CGA family who embarked on a worldwide adventure to live without borders, and travel to every country in the world! You can follow their YouTube channel: Growing Up Without Borders to see all the action.

Recently they had the unique opportunity to organise a meet up with their CGA friends in the vibrant city of Singapore. Their story is a testament to the interconnectedness offered at CGA.

Meeting Online Friends, Face to Face

As this family explored Singapore's iconic landmarks, including the Art Science Museum, known as the "Lotus of Marina Bay Sands," the true highlight of their adventure was the chance to meet two of their CGA classmates in person.

This meet-up marked a significant milestone as it was their first time meeting any of their classmates face-to-face. Initial shyness quickly gave way to shared experiences and the development of newfound friendships. What began as a potentially awkward encounter soon transformed into a memorable hangout, made even more enjoyable with the addition of a refreshing pool to cool off in.

The visit to the Art Science Museum was a captivating fusion of arts, science, technology, and culture. The museum provided an engaging experience, immersing them in exhibits that sparked their senses and ignited their imaginations. Notably, the Attack on Titan anime exhibition was a crowd-pleaser, especially among the younger visitors.

Educational Adventures with CGA - Part Two

Following the excitement of their first student meet-up, this adventurous family arranged a second gathering, joined by Kent, another CGA student who has called Singapore home for the past 11 years. Together, they embarked on an 11-story skywalk and explored the enchanting Sentosa Island, with Kent serving as their knowledgeable tour guide.

Chloe, a member of the CGA family, shared how they continue their education while traveling, thanks to the support of CGA. They highlighted their appreciation for CGA's challenging curriculum, flexible scheduling, and, most importantly, the remarkable people they meet in their classes.

Prepare to Be Inspired

The reunion of CGA students in Singapore underscores the strength of our school community. It exemplifies how online friendships can transcend borders and flourish in the real world, and a testament to the flexible, global education at our school.

CGA is committed to empowering students to explore the world while pursuing their academic aspirations. For more information on how your child can be part of this educational experience, speak to an Academic Advisor today.

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