Explore CGA's Faculty-Led Clubs

10/01/20245 minute read
Explore CGA's Faculty-Led Clubs

At Crimson Global Academy (CGA), we're redefining online education by ensuring that our students enjoy all the opportunities of traditional schools, including the chance to participate in clubs and extracurricular activities.

Within CGA, our faculty leads a wide variety of clubs, offering students a chance to explore their interests, hone new skills, and connect with peers from around the world. Let's take a closer look at which clubs are on offer and what students can expect to experience.

Discover Your Passion with CGA's Clubs

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies such as the UN Security Council, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Court of Justice and the European Union, as well as national cabinets. Simulations are both current day and historic.

At CGA's Model UN Club, students immerse themselves in the dynamics of international diplomacy. They simulate UN conferences, tackle global issues, and develop skills in public speaking, research, and critical thinking. This club is a stepping stone for future leaders in various fields, welcoming anyone eager to make a global impact.

Investment Club

The Investment Club at CGA guides students through the world of investment. They learn about market strategies, manage mock portfolios, and even compete in stock market competitions like The Stock Market Game and Young Investors Society. No previous investment knowledge? No problem – all are welcome!

Startup Founders Club

CGA's Startup Founders Club is perfect for budding entrepreneurs. Students receive coaching on startup essentials and can participate in a CGA pitch competition. Training for aspiring founders with proven ideas will include office hours (15 mins weekly) to discuss their unique business model scalability, serviceable obtainable market, how to start, and eventually journey to break-even and profits. The club offers resources from renowned accelerator programs, helping students turn their innovative ideas into reality.

The John Locke Essay Competition Boot Camp

This boot camp is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in this highly prestigious essay competition. During the boot camp, students will engage in discussions and activities focused on essential aspects of essay writing, including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and revising.

Maths Club

Students join the Maths Club to explore fascinating mathematical concepts like Graph Theory and Game Theory. Students engage in challenging problems, maths quizzes, and have the chance to represent CGA in competitions like the International Youth Math Challenge and Mathematical Kangaroo. This club is perfect for anyone who is passionate about maths and wants to study it beyond the curriculum.

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Gender & Sexuality Alliance

CGA's Gender & Sexuality Alliance is a supportive space for LGBTQ+ students and allies. It's a community that celebrates diversity and fosters acceptance for all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Psychology Club

For those fascinated by the human mind, CGA's Psychology Club is the place to be. Students delve into psychological studies, conduct research projects and deepen their understanding of how psychologists do research by designing and implementing a research project on an area of psychological interest.

Students will also get some academic enrichment and prepare for psychology essay competitions, such as the Minds Underground competition for younger students or the John Locke Institute competition for older students. It's a club driven by the interests of its members, offering a rich exploration of psychology.

3D Game & Web Development

In the 3D Game & Web Development club, students can create their own webpages and games using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and learn the Unity Game Engine to code using the C# language. This club welcomes all CGA students, regardless of their prior experience in coding or game development.

Technovation Girls

Technovation Girls will prepare students for the Technovation Challenge. Working in teams of 1 to 5, girls find a problem in their community and build a mobile app or AI project to help solve it. It's an excellent way to develop teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Future Health Professionals

Inspired by HOSA, the Future Health Professionals club is ideal for students interested in health care careers. They learn about various medical professions and participate in CGA's own health professionals competition, featuring various contests and debates.

Find Your Passion with CGA Clubs

The clubs at CGA represent vibrant communities where passions are ignited, skills are honed, and friendships are formed. From the dynamic debates in Model United Nations to the innovative challenges in the Startup Founders Club, each club offers a unique window into different fields and interests where students can collectively connect and create.

At CGA, your child’s educational journey extends beyond the classroom into a world of endless possibilities. To learn more about how our students engage in an online environment speak to an Academic Advisor today.