Meet CGA’s Co-Founder: Jamie Beaton

12/10/20234 minute read
Meet CGA’s Co-Founder: Jamie Beaton

Prepare to be inspired as we introduce you to our Co-Founder and visionary leader behind Crimson Global Academy's (CGA) innovative educational approach - Jamie Beaton.

As the author of USA Today's Bestseller "ACCEPTED! Secrets to Gaining Admission to the World's Top Universities", hear Jamie’s impressive background and how his unwavering dedication to education made CGA’s online high school come to life.

From New Zealand to Global Recognition

Jamie's educational journey began in Auckland, New Zealand, but his ambitions knew no bounds. Acceptance letters from Ivy League institutions – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Cambridge – paved the way for his academic journey. Jamie chose Harvard for his undergraduate studies, graduating Magna Cum Laude and completing a four-year degree in just three years, showcasing his unwavering dedication.

At the age of 19, Jamie Beaton made history as the youngest-ever Data Analyst at Tiger Management, working closely with legendary investor Julian Robertson. His early achievements hinted at the pioneering role he would play in the education technology sector.

Masters and Scholarships: A Global Journey

Jamie's quest for knowledge led him to Stanford's Graduate School of Business, where he pursued an MBA in Education Technology, earning the prestigious Arjay Miller Award. Simultaneously, he received a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford, where he completed a DPhil in Public Policy.

His pursuit of education continued with admission to both Harvard and Yale Law Schools, ultimately choosing Yale for his Juris Doctor (JD). Concurrently, he pursued a Master's in Education Entrepreneurship at the University of Pennsylvania, adding a Masters in Global Affairs as a Schwarzman Scholar from Tsinghua University to his impressive resume.

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Crimson Education: Shaping Student Futures

In 2013, Jamie embarked on a mission that resonated deeply with CGA's core values: helping students achieve admissions success at top-tier universities. What started as a heartfelt desire to support friends soon grew into Crimson Education, celebrated for its exceptional student admissions success rates.

As Co-Founder and CEO of Crimson Education, Jamie Beaton leads a company that has redefined university admissions. With over 2,000 students worldwide and a team of more than 2,400 admissions experts, many of whom are graduates of Ivy League and top universities, Crimson's impact on student aspirations is profound.

Crimson Global Academy: Transforming Online High School

In late 2019, Jamie introduced Crimson Global Academy, our innovative online high school offering IGCSE, A Levels, AP curricula and the US Diploma. CGA's cutting-edge approach to online learning is setting new standards, with our students achieving an impressive 93% average in their initial A Level exams. 

Today, CGA is at the forefront of online education with over 100+ highly qualified teaching staff and 1200+ students from over 50+ countries. 

Uncover Your Full Potential

Jamie Beaton's academic journey has led him to shape the future of education through CGA. His vision and dedication have inspired students worldwide to dream big and reach for the stars, with CGA paving the way for their success through online education. For more information on how CGA can help you child uncover their full potential, speak to an Academic Advisor today.

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