CGA Shines as Top 3 Finalist for World's Best School in Innovation

12/09/20234 minute read
CGA Shines as Top 3 Finalist for World's Best School in Innovation

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) has once again proven its dedication to pioneering education by securing a spot among the top three finalists for the esteemed World's Best School Prizes for Innovation.

This remarkable achievement solidifies CGA's reputation as a trailblazer in the education sector, setting a precedent for excellence in transformative learning experiences.

Pushing Boundaries, Defining Excellence

The World's Best Schools Awards for Innovation recognise institutions that dare to challenge conventional norms and revolutionise education. From the outset, CGA has steadfastly embraced innovative teaching methodologies and consistently pushed boundaries to empower its students with an exceptional online learning journey.

Mark Philips, Principal of CGA, says the school's emphasis on flexible curriculum options, cutting-edge technology, and accelerated learning opportunities has contributed significantly to its distinction as a top contender. The resolute commitment to combining world-class education with adaptable learning pathways is what truly sets CGA apart.

Active Learning for Lasting Impact

At the heart of CGA's success lies its dedication to active participation and experiential learning. Project-based learning, interactive discussions, and real-world applications constitute the core of its innovative teaching methods. By engaging students in their educational journey, CGA nurtures curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, equipping them not only for university but also for life beyond.

The acknowledgment from John Key, Former New Zealand Prime Minister, further validates CGA's approach to education. He lauds the school's embrace of virtual learning as a glimpse into the future of education, echoing the sentiment that CGA is at the forefront of educational transformation.

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A Chance to Shape the Future

The school is not only vying for the prestigious World's Best School Prize for Innovation 2023 but is also participating in a Public Vote to secure the Community Choice Award. This unique honour is determined by public support and voting is open until September 26th.

Everyone has the opportunity to participate and make their voice count. Show your support for CGA by casting your vote at

Looking Ahead

As the anticipation builds for the announcements of the winners, CGA remains poised to continue shaping the landscape of education. The culmination of hard work, dedication, and innovation will be unveiled at the Winning Ceremony on November 4th.

This event, conducted online, will reveal the five recipients of the World’s Best School Prizes, as decided by the Judging Academy, alongside the recipient of the Community Choice Award, decided by the public vote.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone! In a world constantly evolving, CGA stands as a testament to the incredible potential of education to shape the future.

Watch the full announcement video below!

Crimson Global Academy, New Zealand | Innovation 2023

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