Jade's Story: Small-Town New Zealand to Top US Universities

05/02/20245 minute read
Jade's Story: Small-Town New Zealand to Top US Universities

Jade's story is nothing short of incredible. Recently accepted into not one, but three top US universities, she has proven not only to herself but to students worldwide, that with hard work and determination, everything is possible. We were honoured to sit down with Jade and celebrate this milestone with her.

Jade dedicated herself to a rigorous curriculum, encompassing a broad spectrum of A Level subjects including Math, Economics, English Literature, Physics, Psychology, and Chemistry.
Her experiences demonstrate how an online high school can provide extraordinary opportunities for students who aspire to attend world-renowned universities.

A Day of Celebration

At CGA, we take great satisfaction in celebrating our students' achievements, and we couldn't wait to hear of Jade's excitement when she received her university results. Accepted into Michigan University, UIUC (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), and Georgia Institute of Technology, it was a busy day of celebrations.

“I opened up my email, and I wasn't expecting anything, because I haven't had high hopes for the US, but I opened that email and… the confetti started coming down the page. I was just shocked. Straightaway, I called my friends and we were celebrating, that was really fun. And then later in the day… UIUC came out… and to see another acceptance, I was completely losing my mind. And then by the time we got to Georgia Tech…I could not believe it, I was jumping around my room.”

Tracing her journey from a small town in New Zealand to securing places at some of the top universities in the United States, Jade is quick to acknowledge how her experience at CGA played a pivotal role in this transition. “I appreciate the support from the whole CGA community. Bob [CGA University Admissions Advisor] was there for me when I was opening the [admissions letters] and…it's been really cool being able to celebrate with everyone because it has been such a journey,” said Jade.

University Excitement

Coming from Kerikeri, a small town with limited opportunities, Jade has developed a unique resilience and resourcefulness. “Finding opportunities here has been different for me…I've kind of learned to find pathways myself, because they don't always exist. [I came to CGA] because local education opportunities are a lot more limited here. So I wanted to push myself a bit more,” This self-driven approach has not only built her confidence but also prepared her to embrace university life with a distinctive strength and perspective.

As Jade looks forward to her university life, her voice is full of enthusiasm as she shares, “I'm so excited to become an engineer and start working on projects. But also…the extracurriculars available like solar car racing programs, dance teams. I'm really excited to get involved with all that,” she says, anticipating the new experiences and challenges that await her.

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The CGA Reflection

Jade's time at CGA has been marked by her initiative in seizing every chance for growth. Her active participation in events like the Chemistry Olympiad and the Psychology Olympiad, where she notably won a silver medal, speaks to her dedication and talent. She points out that these experiences greatly improved her academic path, and her advice to prospective students is the same: “Take any opportunities you can, anything, which feels like something you'd be interested in, just go for it. I think [that’s] one really key piece of advice…I think that's what has helped me.”

Reflecting on her time there, Jade shares how she’ll miss the connections she’s built at CGA. “I really like all my classmates, they're so smart. CGA being such a diverse, global community…you really see that diversity of ideas in class. And it's so cool, having been able to meet so many different people, and see their learning. I'm definitely going to miss having such vibrant classmates."

Congratulations Jade

Jade's acceptances to Michigan University, UIUC, and Georgia Institute of Technology, underscore the incredible opportunities that CGA's innovative online platform offers to students with big dreams. Her eagerness to dive into university life,  reflects the confidence and readiness that CGA instils in its students.

"I don’t think I'd imagined I'd be at this point, so soon, but I think CGA and the community around me have really prepared me for the next steps in my life. And I'm very excited for everything.”

Congratulations, Jade! We are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the great things you will achieve.


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