How Online Schools Are Helping Students in Myanmar

27/06/202413 minute read
How Online Schools Are Helping Students in Myanmar

The COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest have disrupted education systems worldwide, but perhaps nowhere more so than in Myanmar. With traditional schools closing their doors, many students had to turn to online high schools like Crimson Global Academy (CGA) to continue their education.

In this blog, we explore the story of Eaindray, a student from Myanmar, and how CGA's flexible and supportive learning environment helped her achieve her academic goals.

The Transition to Online High School Full-Time

Eaindray spent most of her life in Myanmar, attending government-run schools. However, when COVID-19 hit, these schools lacked the infrastructure to transition to online learning, forcing them to close. "I went to a government high school…and because we didn't have the infrastructure to support school online during COVID, it closed down," she recalls.

Faced with uncertainty, Eaindray began preparing for her IG exams and considered going to a boarding school abroad. However, as the pandemic worsened and the political situation in Myanmar became unstable, she needed a new plan.

Eaindray's search for quality education led her to CGA. "I was looking to join A-level subjects, other than only science subjects offered at other online schools. I came across CGA online and found out CGA offered History and that's why I chose to join.”

She appreciated the small class sizes at CGA, which made for engaging discussions and interactions in the classroom. "The classes [at CGA] are rather small, like literature and history, giving us a lot of room for discussions and a lot of interaction in the classroom, which I enjoyed.”

Why Are Myanmar Students Choosing Online Schools Over Public School?

While online classes were already popular globally, they only became a common learning method in Myanmar during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as physical classrooms were no longer usable. The situation worsened with the military coup in 2021, which further disrupted education as many schools and students lacked the resources for online learning amidst the political instability. Despite these challenges, online learning has gained popularity on social media among those with access.

Online high schools like CGA have become lifelines for students in Myanmar as they offer flexible class schedules, and globally-recognised curriculums that cater to individual student needs.

CGA, for example, provides small class sizes and personalised learning experiences, helping students like Eaindray continue their education and achieve academic excellence even in difficult circumstances.

This digital learning environment not only ensures continuity in education but also supports students' overall development by offering a wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities.

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Overcoming Educational Barriers in Myanmar

Studying in Myanmar during political unrest presented significant challenges for Eaindray, both in her academics and everyday life. Electricity and internet issues made it difficult for her to attend online classes and complete assignments. However, CGA's supportive teachers made all the difference. "The teachers were very understanding and supportive if I missed any lessons, which was great.”

Despite these obstacles, Eaindray thrived at CGA, earning the Academic Excellence Award in A Level History for two years. She also participated in extracurricular activities like CGA Press, where she wrote and edited articles, and the Mock Trial Club, winning two competitions.

It's not only physical schools that allow students to participate in extracurricular activities, online schools do to! At CGA we offer students the opprtunitty to take part in both teacher and student-led clubs no matter where they are in the world. From Math club, Psychology club, Technovation Girls club, our students have access to a well-rounded educational experience, much like a traditional school setting.

Building Friendships in an Online Community

Eaindray emphasises the importance of being proactive in an online school environment. "Social life in an online school, you have to be proactive about it, and reach out to them. I was put into a group-level project, and because of that, I got really close with the two girls in the project.”

Her proactive approach led to lasting friendships. She even met two CGA students in Bangkok last year and plans to meet them again. "It does come down to reaching out, even outside of class.”

CGA also organises social days to build community and connection among students. These events provide opportunities for students to interact, collaborate, and build friendships in a fun and engaging setting. You can learn more about these events and see them in action by below.

How Online Schooling Aided in her University Applications

Eaindray's time at CGA prepared her well for university applications. She applied to several US universities through the Common App, including NYU-Shanghai, her top choice. Despite being accepted, she reconsidered her options due to her interest in studying law and the financial implications of studying in the US.

Instead, Eaindray took a gap year and continued to receive support from her CGA counselor and teachers. "My CGA counselor was really helpful even during my gap year, to give me references for my college applications," she says.

She applied to universities in Asia and the UK, eventually getting accepted into Queen's University, Belfast, and the University of Plymouth. However, due to financial constraints, her first option is to study law at Thammasat University in Thailand, known for its prestigious law program.

Eaindray's interest in law was sparked by reading an autobiography of a United States Supreme Court Justice. "Thinking back on it, before I started A-levels, I read an autobiography by a United States Supreme Court Justice, and I was intrigued by her relationship with the law." Growing up in Myanmar, she related to the issues of corruption and lack of rights described in the book.

Eaindray aims to pursue a career in academia and contribute to legal reforms in Myanmar. "A lot of it comes down to what’s happening in Myanmar right now.” After finishing her studies, Eaindray plans to come back to Myanmar, where she wants to work in legal reform and address the current issues. This is her dream.

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Online University Guidance at CGA

At CGA, students benefit from comprehensive university guidance led by experienced counselors like Bob Fan, the Director of University Admissions Counseling. Bob has over 12 years of professional experience in university admissions counseling, having helped students gain admission to top universities worldwide, including elite institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge.

Our expert team ensures that CGA students receive personalised support throughout their university application process. This includes assistance with developing their writing skills, creating a list of potential schools, preparing essays, and securing teacher recommendations

Additionally, CGA's online high school offers structured programs like the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to help students gain independent research experience, an increasingly important factor in university admissions globally.

With Bob's guidance and the resources available at CGA, students like Eaindray are well-prepared to navigate the complex landscape of university admissions and achieve their academic and career aspirations.

Supporting Students Online From Anywhere

Whether your child is navigating similar obstacles or simply looking for a more tailored and globally-minded educational experience, online schooling with CGA provides a comprehensive solution that adapts to their needs.

Eaindray's experience showcases how CGA's personalised approach not only helped her overcome significant challenges but also enabled her to achieve her academic and personal goals.

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