Is online school the right fit for my family?

14/05/20249 minute read
Is online school the right fit for my family?

With over 1500 students at CGA, we are continually growing our student cohort across more than 60 countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, UAE, Vietnam and more.

Each day new families are making the transition to online learning whether it be to excel academically, families travelling around the world, or students who need one-on-one guidance.

Whatever the reason may be, CGA's online school offers personalised learning options to suit every student. But you don’t need to hear it from us. Our students and parents give us insight into why they’ve chosen an online learning environment for their family.

CGA is for ambitious students

CGA is for students who are driven and focused on achieving academic excellence. With our personalised learning pathways, students can take control of their learning options regardless of age. They can choose as many or as few subjects, study part-time or full-time, and work towards gaining admission to top universities worldwide.

“CGA has made a drastic change in both [our children]. Mahathi, from the beginning, she is a studious self-learner, and CGA has made her learning more effective with the rigorous curriculum. So it is very intense, but at the same time very effective and very friendly, so academically they are really improving.” - CGA Parent Priya, South Korea

"My academics have definitely pushed me to a higher level. I’m a year ahead [at CGA] than I would be in a normal high school." - CGA student Chloe, Worldwide

“Before I started at CGA, I would go home from school and do a lot of self-study to cover topics that were not talked about in class and to extend myself. Whereas, at CGA I found teaching is very thorough and I don’t have to do that myself. That gives me a lot more time to do stuff I am really interested in." - CGA student Jade, New Zealand.

Through her rigorous courses in the A Level curriculum, Jade got accepted into seven top universities in the US and will begin her studies at Princeton University.

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CGA is for travelling families

Families who move frequently, whether for work, lifestyle or personal reasons, will find CGA’s fully online and internationally recognised curriculum the solution to consistency in their child’s education. This stability allows students to continue their education without disruptions, irrespective of their location.

The Patton family is the prime example. Over the last few years this family has lived worldwide as they set themselves on a mission to travel to every country while their children continue education online.

"The adaptability and comprehension that CGA has with knowing what our lifestyle is and being willing to work with us throughout those challenges because sometimes we are in different time zones... CGA has been very understanding when it comes to that and so it's been super helpful for our girls." - CGA parent Chantal, Worldwide

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CGA is for athletes and performers

For students whose training and performance schedules require flexibility, CGA’s learning model ensures that students can simultaneously focus on their education while training or travelling around the world to live out their passions.

“The support that CGA has provided has allowed Anastasia to pursue performing arts. The degree that she was able to practice and perform at the South African championships where she won numerous awards and the flexibility that CGA provides, is something she wouldn’t have been able to do in a normal bricks-and-mortar environment. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better and more supportive environment than CGA.” - CGA Parent Michael, South Africa

"Online education gives me many opportunities. I can work on my music, songwriting, vocal, piano playing, and at the same time my academics.” - CGA Student Eva, Russia. This dual focus has enabled her to make significant strides in both arenas, including participating in The Voice, releasing an original album, and earning a scholarship at Berkeley.

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CGA is for one-on-one learning

If your child excels with focused, individual attention, CGA’s one-on-one classroom provides students with personalised guidance from a dedicated educator, helping them stay focused and avoid distractions.

James is enrolled in CGA’s primary classes where he studies part-time with our DaVinci programme outside of his traditional schooling. This allows him to focus more deeply on core subjects, Maths, English and Science where he can benefit from one-on-one guidance.

"Doing one-on-one sessions is good because they just focus on you. A couple of weeks after I started doing DaVinci maths I noticed that I had already moved up a group and I was learning a lot more.” - CGA student James, Australia

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CGA is for the wellbeing of students

If traditional schooling isn't a good fit - whether due to bullying, social anxiety, or simply the need for a different learning pace, CGA’s online community ensures that every student feels understood and supported to learn in a way that suits them best.

Student Siena enrolled at CGA after her mother noticed a decline in her mental health within traditional schooling. Feeling unmotivated to study or make social connections, she felt she was no longer getting the support she needed in a normal school setting. Since being in our online school she has since regained her drive for learning thanks to a supportive environment of teachers.

“All my teachers really get me, which is something that I haven't really had in a traditional school because I learn a little differently. I feel like when I talk to them they really take it on board.” - CGA student Siena, New Zealand

This change in school was an easy decision for Siena’s parents who were concerned for her health and wellbeing. “Since joining CGA she's met great friends; they meet up after school and play games, or they meet up in the city, and I do think those [social] expectations have been met.” - CGA parent Kelle, New Zealand

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Is online school the right fit for your family?

CGA's diverse curriculum offers something for everyone, from International A Levels and Advanced Placement courses to the US High School Diploma and even Primary School. No matter what stage your child is at, our Academic Advisors can work with you to tailor a personalised educational solution.

If you're considering whether an online environment could benefit your child academically and personally, speak with us to explore the possibilities.