Where Online Learning and Wellness Go Hand in Hand

09/04/20245 minute read
Where Online Learning and Wellness Go Hand in Hand

Traditional schooling systems, while effective for some, can inadvertently overlook the holistic development of students, leading to increased stress and anxiety among the youth. Through CGA’s online learning there is a strong emphasis on the mental well-being and holistic development of its students. This approach contrasts sharply with traditional schooling methods, which often focus primarily on academic achievements, sometimes at the expense of student wellness. CGA's educational model is designed to address both academic and mental health needs, creating a nurturing environment for students like Siena.

A Turning Point for Siena

Siena's move to CGA was motivated by her and her family's concerns over the negative impacts of conventional schooling on her psychological health and educational outcomes. Observing a decline in both her mental health and grades, Siena's mother sought an alternative that led them to CGA. "My mom noticed that my mental health was declining and my grades were declining, and she said we need to make a change,” says Siena. This marked the beginning of a significant transformation for both Siena and her family.

At CGA, Siena is working within an educational model that is both flexible and supportive, fundamentally different from her previous experiences. “All my teachers really get me, which is something that I haven't really had in a traditional school because I learn a little differently.” This adaptability and understanding from her teachers not only helped Siena academically but also contributed to her mental wellness by providing a sense of belonging and understanding.

Wellness Through Education

“I definitely feel that you can achieve more at CGA.” Siena has formed many close relationships with her teachers who have inspired her in achieving more academically, while giving her the support she needed to feel confident in her studies. “My favorite thing in the CGA classes are the teachers, because I love all my teachers really; they're all so supportive.”

Outside of the classroom, Siena has made numerous friends within the CGA community, debunking myths about online education's impact on social interactions. “CGA teaches you to be driven not just academically but also socially. I feel that CGA is really really good at facilitating social interaction through clubs, and the teachers are really good at facilitating social interaction in a classroom environment. CGA kind of gives you the opportunity to grow your friendships outside of school. We do FaceTime study calls and I feel like I found who my good friends are through being at CGA.”

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A Collaborative Family Experience

The positive changes in Siena were not only felt by her but also deeply appreciated by her family. Her parents, Kelle and Matt, have witnessed a significant transformation in her demeanor and academic approach since joining CGA. Kelle shared, “She's met great friends; they meet up after school and play games, and they meet up in the city, and I do think those expectations have been met,” highlighting the supportive and engaging CGA community.

“CGA is really available and and the turnaround is so fast compared to what traditional schooling is which gives you the benefit to set up you know kids like Sienna for success", says Matt. CGA's model, as experienced by Siena and articulated by her family, illustrates the importance of integrating mental health and well-being into the core of educational systems.

“The transformation I've seen in Siena since she joined CGA… she likes the curriculum, she likes the teachers and then after school and in the weekends she focuses on her social. I think get the best of both worlds.”

Siena’s Message to Prospective Students

Reflecting on her transformation, Siena encourages others facing similar challenges to consider CGA. Her advice to those contemplating this change is grounded in her positive experience: “I believe that CGA is for anyone, anyone who's maybe not doing the best mentally and wants to try something new; my advice is there's only one way to find out if you like it, you never know until you try.”

You can watch Siena's full video testimonial below, or speak with one of our Academic Advisors to learn more.