CGA Students Receive Outstanding Results

09 MAR 2021

Despite having opened our ‘virtual door’ less than a year ago, we’re celebrating the world-leading test results of our students who achieved a 93% average in recent A-Level examinations through Pearson Edexcel International.

33% of these hard-working A-levels students achieved a mark of 100%, with over three quarters of the school’s cohort receiving the grade of ‘A’.

Results achieved by A-Levels students were mirrored by their younger peers with 100% of the school’s International GCSE students receiving either an A or B in the recent International GCSE exams, and almost half receiving the top mark of 9/9.

Overall, CGA student successes in the October and November 2020 exams include:

October 2020 A-Level Results

  • 92% average exam result of CGA students
  • 75% of CGA students scored an A
  • 33% of CGA students scored 100%

November 2020 International GCSE Results

  • 100% of CGA students scored in the A or B range (6-9 out of 9)
  • 70% of CGA students scored in the A range (7-9 out of 9)
  • 45% of CGA students achieved the top mark (9 out of 9)

Beyond marks achieved in these late 2020 exams, our January 2021 results reinforced our student’s consistent high academic performance with A-Levels students achieving high averages in some of the curriculum’s toughest subjects, including:

  • Statistics 2 average mark was 100%
  • Chemistry 3 average 91%
  • Physics 1, 2 and 3 averages between 91-95%

Further, International GCSE January results reported 85% of students received the grade of A with four students gaining a perfect 100% in Mathematics A and Physics.

We spoke to John Morris, ONZM, - CGA’s Executive Principal, who said these outstanding results can be attributed to a number of factors related to CGA’s highly skilled staff, classroom engagement and family support, with parents being an integral part of the school community and it’s growth.

He also commented on the rich diversity of the school student body - the classroom experience enhanced by the vigorous exchange of ideas from enthusiastic students from all over the world.

“Seeing the results of our A-Level students come back with a 100% pass rate and an average mark of over 90% shows how online learning can be really, really effective when approached in the right way.

“At CGA we are synchronous which means that no matter where our students are in the world, our qualified teachers teach in real time. We have 43 teachers based in 12 countries teaching over 300 students in 25 countries — and our student’s results are a testament to our experienced, dedicated, hard-working staff. I’m really, really proud of what they have achieved in such a short period of time.”

John further explains that CGA operates on a ‘very small class size model’ enabling teachers and students to engage in a proactive and interactive manner.

“We run very small classes of 6-8 students, but in each class these students are exposed to other like-minded young people from across the globe. Their interaction with their teachers and each other is what drives their success and from what we’ve seen, their excitement at just ‘turning up’ at school each day.”

CGA Japanese student Yuko agrees: “Though I was admittedly hesitant at first, due to the reputation of online schooling as lacking social interaction and running unengaging classes, after almost a year at CGA, I can say with confidence that this is not the case. I’ve been able to interact with my classmates online and the teachers make sure the classes are interesting for all students.”

New Zealand based student Millie adds: "I’ve learned more in four weeks with CGA than I have in the last four terms at my old school!”

While student Gavin explains: “CGA has allowed me to connect with students I would never have met otherwise. These students are driven and like-minded, and are willing to power ahead with you, not against you. The smaller classes at CGA make it easier for teachers to guide students. It’s also a lot more social, with students making friends outside the classroom. CGA isn’t just a school, it’s a community.”

Beyond the in-classroom activities, CGA students benefit from a range of extracurriculars and have teams engaging in everything from debating to e-Sports, robotics to art and design. It’s flexible time table also benefits students focused on athletics or other demanding extracurricular pursuits that are often stifled by the 9-3.30 timetable of brick and mortar schools.

CGA is a fully-registered school, which uses a learning curriculum model based on competency and maturity, not age, offers both part and full time places as well as summer programs that set students up for a successful school year ahead.

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