Key Factors to Consider When Navigating the Transition to Homeschool

31/08/20236 minute read
Key Factors to Consider When Navigating the Transition to Homeschool

Post COVID, many parents (and students) realised that home based learning was actually a better fit than traditional schooling. For many students, home based learning gave them more flexibility, allowed them to learn at their own pace or simply avoided the distracting or overwhelming school environment. If you want to try home based learning again or have been a homeschooler and want to try a different approach, there are a few key factors to consider.

In this article, we break down four major home based options - online schooling, traditional homeschooling, unschooling and a hybrid approach and compare the key factors of parental involvement, curriculum structure, available support and post school options.

From Traditional Schooling to Comprehensive Online Learning

Transitioning from traditional schooling to homeschooling can seem like a daunting task. However, CGA eliminates the challenges that come with parental involvement and curriculum design.

With live classes and expert educators guiding the way, CGA's approach offers a structured and effective alternative for families who prefer homeschooling but lack the time or expertise to manage it independently.

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Parental Involvement: Finding the Right Balance

A major consideration for families considering homeschooling is what parental involvement is required. In traditional homeschooling, parents often take on the role of educators, crafting lesson plans and leading instruction.

Online schooling at CGA shifts this dynamic, where experienced teachers lead live classes, freeing parents from teaching responsibilities and allowing them to focus on guiding their child's educational journey.

Here we rank the four options from easiest to manage to most challenging:

  1. Online schooling - Online schooling is often regarded as the most convenient option for parents, as it includes online teacher support. However, it's important to note that not all online schools share the same approach.

    CGA is distinguished as a comprehensive online school, closely resembling a physical school setting with structured timetables, interactive live classes, and a variety of extracurricular activities. CGA ensures parents are informed about their child's progress through the Parent Portal, while minimizing direct teaching responsibilities.

  2. Hybrid approach - Embracing a hybrid approach involves combining homeschooling with enrolment in an online school or learning program. This approach is particularly beneficial for subjects where parents may feel less confident providing instruction at home. As an illustration, many homeschooled students opt for part-time enrollment at CGA, usually covering 1-3 subjects.

  3. Traditional homeschooling - Traditional homeschooling generally requires a more intensive level of parental involvement. This includes tasks like curriculum planning, daily lessons, and the search for useful resources. While various homeschool parent groups and websites offer support, this approach demands significant time and effort.

  4. Unschooling - similar to traditional homeschooling, entails substantial parental involvement in guiding the child's learning journey.

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Curriculum Structure

The decision to transition to homeschooling often emerges from families seeking alignment with their child's educational journey, which might diverge from the traditional school's curriculum. This could stem from a desire for a more tailored approach, a lack of belief in the current curriculum's efficacy, or the aspiration for a holistic education that encompasses individual interests and needs.

Within the realm of homeschooling, CGA stands as a beacon of personalized learning, recognizing the unique trajectory of every learner. CGA Flex empowers families with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate our curriculum, allowing education to evolve alongside individual passions.

Additionally, the 1:1 Da Vinci Programme augments this journey, offering an interactive tutoring experience that enhances core subjects while fostering independent thinking and academic excellence. Through these pathways, CGA embodies the essence of holistic learning, transforming homeschooling into a dynamic and enriching expedition.

Post School Pathways and Guidance

Another critical aspect to consider is the guidance and support available for students beyond their educational journey. CGA's online schooling provides access to a global network of peers, mentors, and experts. This empowers students to explore various post-school pathways, from higher education to career opportunities, all while benefiting from a supportive community.

Differentiating CGA: A Transition from Homeschool to Online School

A pivotal distinction between traditional homeschooling and CGA's online schooling lies in the educators themselves. At CGA, world-class experts in various fields lead live classes, delivering personalized instruction that enriches the learning experience. This transformative shift not only places teachers at the forefront but also fosters a global perspective.

Students from all corners of the world participate in classes, providing a dynamic and diverse atmosphere that enhances learning. This evolution intertwines the essence of homeschooling with the strengths of online schooling, offering students the best of both worlds in a truly comprehensive educational journey.

Navigating Your Transition

As you embark on the journey of transitioning from traditional schooling to an online learning environment, remember to consider the critical factors: parental involvement, curriculum structure, post-school guidance, and educational support. CGA stands as a comprehensive online schooling solution that simplifies the transition for families seeking an effective and hassle-free homeschooling alternative.

If you're ready to discover how CGA can make the transition smooth and rewarding for your family, connect with our Academic Advisors today. Your child's educational journey awaits!