Meet CGA’s Co-Founder: Dr Jamie Beaton

28/02/20244 minute read
Meet CGA’s Co-Founder: Dr Jamie Beaton

Dr Jamie Beaton’s journey from Auckland, New Zealand, to the forefront of global education exemplifies what it means to transform personal achievement into widespread impact. Jamie is a source of inspiration for aspiring students around the world.

His foundational belief that quality education should be universally accessible, has shaped CGA’s mission. His role as an influential leader in online education continues to drive the strategic direction of CGA, ensuring that learners worldwide have access to unparalleled opportunities.

Achievements at a Glance

  • Forbes 30 Under 30: Celebrating Jamie's profound impact on education worldwide.
  • New Zealand Young Entrepreneur of the Year and New Zealand Innovator of the Year: Highlighting his groundbreaking approach to global education.
  • Author: "ACCEPTED! Secrets to Gaining Admission to the World's Top Universities," a USA Today Bestseller.
  • Founder: Crimson Education and Crimson Global Academy
  • Education: BA, MA, MS, MBA, DPhil, MGA, J.D, M.S.ED

Education Background

At the age of 17, Jamie Beaton, in his final year of high school at King’s College in Auckland, New Zealand applied to 25 of the world’s best universities and got into all of them: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton (Huntsman), Yale, Princeton, Cambridge and a variety of others.

Jamie went on to graduate from Harvard University in 2016 with a Bachelors and Masters in Applied Mathematics-Economics, two years ahead of schedule with high honors (magna cum laude), under thesis advisor and Former Secretary of the Treasury Professor Larry Summers.

Post Harvard, his academics continued;

  • In 2019 at the age of 24, Jamie was the youngest graduate in several decades from the #1 ranked global MBA program, Stanford Graduate School of Business, to complete his degree with the highest academic honor — as an Arjay Miller Scholar.
  • He also completed a Masters in Education at Stanford University.
  • Following Stanford, he was selected as a Rhodes Scholar where he completed a DPhil (PhD) in Public Policy at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government in 2022, analyzing the drivers of student outcomes and student satisfaction in online learning environments.
  • After completing his Oxford PhD, Jamie was selected as a Schwarzman Scholar and completed a Masters in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University, China’s highest ranked university.
  • In 2023, he graduated from the world’s highest ranked law school, Yale Law School, with a Juris Doctor, and from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Education Entrepreneurship.
  • He is currently completing a Master of Finance at Princeton and a MA in International Relations at War at Kings College of London.
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Professional Milestones

  • Hired at 19, Jamie worked as the youngest analyst ever at Tiger Management, the late Julian Robertson’s legendary hedge fund, where he was trained in stock analysis on Wall Street.
  • Founding Crimson Education in 2013, Jamie set out on his mission to democratise access to premium educational resources and admissions guidance globally, empowering students to secure placements into the world’s top universities. Today Crimson Education is one of the largest global education consulting firms, present in over 25 countries, with a team of 800 employees.
  • Founding CGA in 2019, he broadened his educational impact, establishing an online high school that delivers a world-class curriculum to students around the world, offering International GCSE’s, A Levels and the US Diploma including Advanced Placement. Under Jamie's guidance, CGA has grown to employ over 100+ highly qualified teachers providing quality education to over 1600+ students from 50+ countries.

Discover Your True Capabilities

Dr Jamie Beaton's academic journey has led him to shape the future of education through CGA's virtual learning environment. His vision and dedication has inspired students across the globe to aim high and achieve their dreams, with CGA guiding students toward unparalleled success in the online learning sphere and opening doors to some of the world's best universities.

For more information on how CGA can help your child uncover their full potential, speak to an Academic Advisor today.