Why you should consider taking part-time classes rather than tutoring

10/01/20234 minute read
Why you should consider taking part-time classes rather than tutoring

Are you trying to decide whether to hire a tutor or enrol in a part-time class to improve your knowledge or skills in a particular subject?

At many schools today, you'll likely find more students with a private tutor than those who are learning on their own.  The reasons for getting a tutor vary from student to student but generally speaking, it’ll be to:

  • Prepare for specific exams (ATAR, IB, Selective School Entry, UCAT etc.)
  • Receive academic support
  • Improve confidence at school
  • Accelerate beyond school content

While private tutoring is undoubtedly helpful for exam preparation and has been a key Crimson service for many years, it is not the best fit for every situation.

At Crimson Global Academy, roughly 60% of students are enrolled on a part-time basis. The part-time classes are held after school hours over two, 90 minute sessions per subject.

Taught by an experienced teacher with an average of 7-10 students per class, the most common subjects students take are Maths and/or English. Depending on age and ability, students can also study Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science or History.

Parents often ask how part-time classes compare to tutoring so let’s break down the major differences.

Teachers vs Tutors

Every teacher is qualified to teach, not every tutor can say the same. CGA teachers all have significant classroom experience and are trained to deliver engaging, virtual classes. Common feedback from CGA teachers is that they get to know their students very quickly and enjoy being able to focus on the small number of students in the class. In a recent survey of 200 CGA students and parents, the teachers received the highest rating out of any other factor.

Study based on ability, not age

A tutor is usually hired to revise what is being taught at school when many students either have significant learning gaps that need addressing or who are ready for the next challenge. At CGA, students are enrolled in classes based on ability rather than age. This gives advanced students the opportunity to study an entire curriculum beyond their grade level. On the other hand, many students join part-time to study below their grade level and rebuild their confidence.

Studying an International Curriculum

One of the major advantages for students joining CGA is being able to study an academically rigorous international curriculum such as the International GCSEs and A Levels or Advanced Placement courses. Not only does this enable students to benchmark themselves against international standards, but students can also earn academic qualifications recognised by world-leading universities.

Common feedback from part-time CGA students is that school becomes much easier after studying the challenging international curricula.

Predicted Grades, Reports & Extracurriculars

Beyond the class, there are many more advantages to joining the globally-minded and diverse community at CGA. Students can take part in career-focused and innovative extracurricular activities at no extra cost. Part-time classes also give students the opportunity to interact with like-minded peers and make new connections. This can be a valuable experience in itself. Additionally, senior students can also receive predicted grades to help with university entry and of course, every student receives a report and parents receive consistent communication from their child’s teacher.

Building a University Application that will stand out

To help their children gain acceptance into elite universities, some families are looking for ways to accelerate their learning. One way to do this is by enrolling in a part-time classes, which shows the student’s initiative to learn and improve outside of the traditional classroom setting. Additionally, taking a class in a field related to the program the student intends to apply for can help showcase their passion and interest in that field and can help the student build skills and knowledge in a specific subject area. CGA’s University and Careers Counseling provides students with the correct guidance for their plans after high school.

Final Thoughts

While there is definitely a time and place for private tutoring, it is not the best solution for every academic issue. The most common age range to join CGA’s part-time classes are from 11-15 years and we generally recommend 1-2 subjects depending on the student’s existing after-school commitments.

If you’d like to learn more about CGA part-time or full-time classes, request a free online academic consultation with one of our expert Academic Advisors.