CGA Tech: Parent Portal

20/05/20223 minute read
CGA Tech: Parent Portal

CGA is committed to providing an optimized online learning environment for our students and families. For parents we want to ensure they have visibility over how their child is performing and where they can help out. With that in mind, the new CGA Parent Portal is now live! The new Parent Portal set to deliver a transformative experience for our parents.

Crimson Global Academy families now have the keys to visualising their child’s ongoing progress, so they can clearly understand their children’s immersive school experience …  thanks to the newly launched Parent Portal.

Built by an online high school for a truly global community, our CGA Parent Portal delivers a hub of insights for guardians who together with their children have a desire to:

  • Achieve academic excellence across a rigorous global curriculum

  • Find their ‘people’ amidst a diverse, high performing student community

  • Boost their confidence, wellbeing and fulfillment

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What's in the CGA Parent Portal?

So how do we solve this through an online portal? We discovered that once part of the CGA community, parents sought further transparency, information and insight into their child’s immersive school experience. A lot of family satisfaction came down to communicating these student progress details back in digestible updates.

From here, the CGA Parent Portal was created. We couldn’t be more excited to bring our families new features including:

Trackable Student Onboarding – Putting students in the driving seat to coordinate their own school onboarding while giving full visibility to parents.

Real-time student engagement scores - Signaling positive trends around a student’s attendance, school work completion and classroom interactions while highlighting areas to focus on.

Talking points - Parent’s will see conversation starters for those family dinner table moments

Timetable and Attendance - An easy to access up-to-date view of their child’s class schedule and whether or not students have been attending class.

Leave application and absence justification - Parents will be able to ask for leave and justify absences for students.

Upcoming work - Calendar view of upcoming homework and assignments and submission status.

Academic Profile - Encompassing visualisation of report grades and the student engagement score helping parents to get a ‘finger on the pulse’ on how a child is doing day to day in their school life.

General Resources - Quick links for our parents to access relevant information. These include things like school calendars, curriculum guide, textbook and technology requirements, and much more.

Contact us - Get in touch with our support team, the dean or their child’s teacher. A clear guide to help our parents access support whenever they need it.

Support when multiple children are enrolled - We’ve made it easy for parents with more than one child at CGA view all of the above easily.

We’re proud to provide families with new and intuitive opportunities to connect with their children across all aspects of their CGA experience. 

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks, we will be adding further enhancements to the Parent Portal. This will include features like:

Term reports and assignments