Why Our Family Chose an Online School: A Parent's Testimonial of CGA

02/01/20232 minute read
Why Our Family Chose an Online School: A Parent's Testimonial of CGA

CGA (Crimson Global Academy) as an online school that delivers world-class education in live, small classes right in the comfort of your own home has been a great fit for the Won family from Melbourne, Australia.

Daniel Won was homeschooled during Covid lockdowns and the family was looking for an online school that would provide challenging and stimulating learning. When the Won family found CGA, they were attracted to the focus on excellence and the online community that CGA fosters. Daniel is currently taking Pre-IG 2 Maths and Pre-IG 2 English,

Jenny, mother of Daniel Won shares their CGA experience.

Daniel has enjoyed his online classes with CGA, finding them well-structured and providing interesting and challenging materials. CGA has also been very encouraging, quickly identifying students' strengths and proactively accelerating their studies.

The best experience for Daniel so far has been having really fun classes. At the end of CGA classes, he always smiles and says, "That was a fun class!”.  As a parent, it has been a joy to see Daniel enjoying learning.

CGA has also motivated Daniel to strive to do more and better with his studies. It has provided him with what mainstream schooling could not. He often used to say mainstream school was easy and boring but with CGA he is always looking forward to the next lesson and doesn’t want to miss any.

The two teachers that Daniel currently has - Sarah Lady for English and Morris Tuffery for Mathematics - have both significantly contributed to his success with CGA. Will Yaxley, the Regional Manager was our first contact person at CGA and has been professional and approachable from our first meeting and throughout the year. He helped us with the enrolment process and assisted Daniel to transfer from Pre-IG 1 to Pre-IG 2 early in the year. The professional approach that Crimson takes in communicating with the students and families is highly commendable.

Jenny also mentioned their appreciation for the opportunity they have to meet with teachers online and receive feedback on Daniel's progress.

I would highly recommend CGA to students who strive for excellence and are happy to study online.

We love to see our students thrive and enjoy their studies, and we are glad to have been able to provide that for Daniel. Parent testimonials like this are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our students. Thank you to the Won family for sharing their story with us.