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What is remote learning?

Remote learning is another term form distance learning and refers to students who study at a distance from a physical school. Remote learning ensures that students do not lose touch with teachers and can continue their education regardless of where they are based.

Students who learn remotely usually do not have access to quality education around them. Through various online resources, students can continue learning. Remote learning allows students to study at their own pace with a flexible timetable. This is especially helpful for those students who have commitments outside school hours like work, practice or rehearsals. For differently-abled students, remote learning provides an opportunity to study at the same level as others.

These days, both school and university-level education is provided through remote learning. Elite universities even provide their programs through remote learning. Many of them offer a blended learning model so that a majority of the coursework is completed remotely, with a short portion requiring in-person attendance.


How can CGA help with remote learning?

CGA provides a number of international curriculum classes that can put all students at the same level as their peers.

Flexible enrolment options

World-class extracurriculars

University admissions have changed a lot in the past couple of years. Now universities look for well-rounded students who demonstrate interests and skills outside the classroom as well. This is where extracurricular activities and leadership positions come into play. These activities help demonstrate who you are outside the classroom and in your community.

CGA offers a variety of opportunities for home schooled students to participate in these activities, intern with top companies and learn coding.

School-led clubs

Our school-led clubs follow a subscription method and are led by a teacher, providing students with experiences that will prepare them for future careers. Students can pick from 3D Game Development, Web Development, Math Club, Model UN, Volunteer Club and Investment Club.

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Crimson Code

Crimson Code offers short, live, project-based coding courses. Our courses instill a passion for technology, preparing students for university and employment in the tech industry. You can pick from Web Development, App Development or Data Science.

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Online Internships

CGA is the only high school offering educational, online and global internships and courses to accelerate future careers for ambitious students. You can get experience and interact with mentors at companies like Uber, KPMG, PwC, HSBC, Dentons Law, Weiss Asset Management and Y Combinator.

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