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What is distance education?

Distance learning is the education of students who might not necessarily always be present at a physical school. During the Covid pandemic most students in the world switched to distance learning as schools shut down. While many students have gone back to school, there are quite a few students who are distance learning even today. Historically, distance learning was done through correspondence courses offered by universities. Before the Internet became a major tool for education, materials for these courses were sent through physical mail and students would study at home and do the required coursework.

While the radio and television played a small role in distance learning, they never became completely integrated into correspondence courses. With the launch of the Internet, distance learning became much more accessible and interactive. One of the main benefits of distance learning is that it allows students everywhere to access education. As long as you have a broadband connection, you can access a program. This ensures that students are not left behind if they don’t have access to a physical school.


How can CGA help with distance education?

CGA provides a number of international curriculum classes that can put all students at the same level as their peers.

Flexible enrolment options

World-class extracurriculars

University admissions have changed a lot in the past couple of years. Now universities look for well-rounded students who demonstrate interests and skills outside the classroom as well. This is where extracurricular activities and leadership positions come into play. These activities help demonstrate who you are outside the classroom and in your community.

CGA offers a variety of opportunities for home schooled students to participate in these activities, intern with top companies and learn coding.

School-led clubs

Our school-led clubs follow a subscription method and are led by a teacher, providing students with experiences that will prepare them for future careers. Students can pick from 3D Game Development, Web Development, Math Club, Model UN, Volunteer Club and Investment Club.

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Crimson Code

Crimson Code offers short, live, project-based coding courses. Our courses instill a passion for technology, preparing students for university and employment in the tech industry. You can pick from Web Development, App Development or Data Science.

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Online Internships

CGA is the only high school offering educational, online and global internships and courses to accelerate future careers for ambitious students. You can get experience and interact with mentors at companies like Uber, KPMG, PwC, HSBC, Dentons Law, Weiss Asset Management and Y Combinator.

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