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Further Progression

Course Overview

The International GCSE Mathematics A course is provided at two tiers of entry (Higher and Foundation) that allow students to be entered for a level appropriate to them with questions in each tier that are accessible to students of all abilities within that tier.

You will study numbers and number systems; equations, formulae and identities; sequences, functions and graphs; geometry and trigonometry; vectors and transformation geometry; and statistics and probability.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Problem-solving skills by translating problems in mathematical or non-mathematical contexts into a process or a series of mathematical processes.
  • Making deductions and drawing conclusions from mathematical information
  • Constructing chains of reasoning
  • Presenting arguments and proofs
  • Interpreting and communicating information accurately.
Mathematics A Overview

Exam Overview

The Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Mathematics (Specification A) is a linear qualification. It consists of two examinations available at Foundation and Higher Tier. Both examinations must be taken in the same series at the end of the course of study.


2 papers of two hours each


External assessment offered twice a year


Paper 1 | 100 marks Paper 2 | 100 marks

Progression and Prerequisites