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College Equivalency

Course Overview

Learn about the fundamental concepts of chemistry including structure and states of matter, intermolecular forces, and reactions.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Designing experiments and procedures to test a prediction or theory
  • Creating graphs, diagrams, and models that represent chemical phenomena
  • Explaining how the microscopic structure of a substance determines its chemical properties
  • Balancing a chemical equation
  • Making a scientific claim and supporting it with evidence
AP Chemistry Overview

Equivalency and Prerequisites

Exam Overview

The AP Chemistry Exam will test your understanding of the scientific concepts covered in the course units, as well as your ability to design and describe chemical experiments.

A scientific or graphing calculator is recommended for use on Section 2 of the exam, and you will be provided with a periodic table and a formula sheet that lists specific and relevant formulas for use on the exam.


3 hours 15 minutes


Paper (in school) or Digital (in school and at home)


Section 1 | Multiple Choice | 60 questions Section 2 | Free Response | 7 questions