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A Level Law




Further Progression

Course Overview

The International Advanced Law qualification consists of a linear structure with two main sections - Underlying Principles of Law and the English Legal System and The Law in Action. The qualification is available in International Advanced Level (IAL) award only.

Students will learn to:

  • Develop a sound understanding of the nature of law and appreciate the role of law in society
  • Understand the importance of legal institutions and their relationship to other institutions in society
  • Understand the various branches of law in order to give a fuller picture of the role of law
  • Develop knowledge of the sources of law, in particular statutes and cases, and of how these are applied to the determination of disputes
  • Develop an analytical and critical approach to the application of legal principles
  • Understand the appropriateness of dealing with certain aspects of behaviour within the law.
Mathematics Overview

Exam Overview

This qualification consists of two compulsory externally examined papers.

Candidates must complete both assessments in the same examination series.


Paper 1: 3 hours Paper 2: 3 hours


Paper 1: 100 marks Paper 2: 100 marks


External assessment offered once a year for each of the two papers.

Progression and Prerequisites

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