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Community and Support

We care deeply about the emotional and holistic development of our students and offer a suite of resources designed to ensure they feel fully supported.

University and Career Counseling

CGA students are provided with world-class support in career and university counseling. Students have access to experienced admission experts through Crimson Education, as well as industry contacts.

Previously, these contacts have included former university admissions officers, Crimson alumni who have gained admissions into competitive scholarships, universities, and companies beyond their schooling career and also outreach representatives from companies like Y Combinator and PwC.

We provide students with full support in preparing school university admissions documents, including an official transcript, recommendation letters, and direct admissions counselor communications to universities.

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Social Counseling

Led by our care officer and our qualified psychologist, CGA staff are trained to support students through social challenges, including health and well-being.

Through CGA’s global network, we run regular social development programs as well as provide access to private and confidential counseling sessions for our students.

Parents are welcome to enquire about our social services and meet directly with our Deans should they wish to discuss personally.

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