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Jack B. - A Case Study

from Rural New Zealand to Law Degree

University of Victoria, Wellington Law student, Jack Blakemore, has never taken a traditional schooling route. Brought up in a rural community in New Zealand, Jack was homeschooled for most of his life - a system which worked well until he hit his upper years of high school.


“I'd been homeschooled all my life, but reached a stage where my mum couldn't teach me at that level. She did a Google search on tutoring and came across Crimson Education. She read the reviews, which were all really positive, and before long I was set up with four tutors for English, history, business and economics.”

Jack explains he was studying the CIE curriculum - and as a high achiever was seeking high A levels in all of his subjects.


“The Cambridge exams are held at the end of the year, so I was studying the whole year for one lot of exams. My Crimson tutors took on the roles of consistently supportive teachers. They taught me the content, set me homework, read over my assignments and made fantastic notes. They went way beyond the traditional tutor role, they gave me work aimed at my academic level so I was always improving. Right from the start, they were invested in my success, and where I wanted to be. As a result we've kept good relationships and stayed in contact, which is very cool.”


As Jack explains, his tutors were experts in their subject areas, each making their own mark on the global academic and career stage.


“One of my tutors is now doing his PhD in History, another chose to study at Cambridge and a third got into Law at Oxford and is now being hunted by one of the top London firms. My team really inspired me to push myself. I stayed in New Zealand and went to Victoria to study Law, but I could have applied to Cambridge if I wanted and may choose to stay a post graduate degree overseas - - that’s the level that Crimson helped me reach.”


By the time Jack reached Year 11, his family were living close to a traditional high school, but having sampled the flexibility of Crimson’s online tutoring, his family chose to remain with online learning for the entirety of his high school career.


“I considered going to school in my last two years, but I really appreciated the flexibility to go sailing, skiing, snowboarding - whenever I wanted. These extracurriculars were important to me and added to my university application. 


“I wouldn’t have been able to have that flexibility if I hadn’t been with Crimson. While my academics came first, I recognised the importance of my sport and other extracurriculars. Traditional schools bind you to a timetable which isn’t necessarily efficient. But with Crimson I could schedule sessions when it suited me - they really catered to my needs. As for the social side, I had a lot of friends with similar interests and I made connections through Crimson so I never felt like I missed out. I just really enjoyed being able to study at home, it worked perfectly for me.”


Now that Jack is a student at the University of Victoria studying Law and Commerce majoring in finance and economics, his aim is to work as a legal officer for the NZ Army. He credits the flexibility of his online schooling and his ability to commit time to cadets, as being key to his gaining leadership opportunities in the Army reserves.


“Thanks to those experiences I've secured a summer internship with the army legal services, so it has all come together thanks to plans we put in place years ago. Crimson taught me that you don’t have to go the traditional route of local school and university as a predestined path. Having Crimson, I knew there were other opportunities I could pursue.”


So does Jack have any advice for other young students thinking about online high-schooling - or specifically with joining Crimson’s new Global Academy?


“Absolutely,” says Jack. “I think if your child is academically gifted and passionate about their education and their extracurriculars - and taking into account the increasingly competitive nature of the university admissions and the workforce and how important it is that your child gain a competitive edge - that Crimson is definitely the way to go.


“If you're in a traditional school, Crimson can compliment your learning by consolidating your knowledge and opening your mind up to other opportunities. But if you are learning 100% online like I did, then you reap the benefits of personalised tutoring you cannot get anywhere else. My student/teacher ratio was 1:1, which was incredible because I was basically receiving individualised world-class lectures every single day. So the tutors that connect with your child, they're going to make a direct impact on your child’s future by giving them opportunities crucial to their success.”

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