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Our approach to online learning is designed to optimise every dimension of student academic achievement.

CGA’s curriculum is based upon the British School Curriculum, involving International GCSE and International A-Level exams, awarded by the UK's largest awarding organisation - Pearson Edexcel. This curriculum is followed by the most prestigious Secondary Schools across the world, including: Eton College, Harrow School, Brighton College and more.  

Through our flexible class scheduling, one-to-one support, latest technology and a wide variety of examination and testing options, students will embark on an educational journey which fully caters to their individual needs and drives them to achieve their full potential.

Students have access to study spaces, meeting rooms, science laboratories, social activities (such as theatre, dance, and sports) and examination centres. This is provided through a combination of Crimson Education owned facilities and partnerships with schools and institutions around New Zealand and the world.

Welcome from our Principal

As an experienced senior leader in a highly successful New Zealand school it was a natural progression to move to a school that has excellence of academic achievement, a strong belief in extra-curricular activity and student leadership at the core of its values. 

To be appointed as Principal at Crimson Global Academy is an extraordinary privilege. With such a transformative educational model it is no surprise that the school has attracted outstanding teaching staff with a wealth of experience in a number of New Zealand’s best schools. With our staff having ensured extraordinary success in student success, Crimson Global Academy students will have the confidence that the staff know how to guarantee every student performs to potential, and in many cases will undoubtedly surpass what they believe possible.


The flexibility with curriculum options, the availability of cutting edge technology, the opportunity to study at an accelerated pace and study a qualification that is recognised by all the leading universities will be very attractive to students with personal drive to excel. Crimson Global Academy will be an exciting school for both staff to work in and students to learn in.”


Online Learning and Digital Pedagogy

Our approach to online learning is designed to optimise every dimension of student academic achievement. Through our flexible class scheduling, one-to-one support, latest technology and a wide variety of examination and testing options, students will embark on an educational journey which fully caters to their individual needs and drives them to achieve their full potential.

Grounded in proven educational methodologies, CGA uses the best in class technology to provide a rich online experience for our students and teachers. Our technology resources are unmatched by a brick-and-mortar secondary school due to our start as a technology company.   Led by our Chief Technology Officer and a 25+ member team of developers and designers, we are constantly improving the experience for our students and teachers.


Through the most advanced video conferencing and classroom tools, students and teachers have the ability to interact through live-polls and quizzes, break-out into smaller groups for collaboration, message and chat to provide input and feedback in real-time and use the interactive white-boarding tool to animate, annotate and collaborate with peers.  All of the classes are recorded and transcribed to allow for easy study notes and catch-ups, if required.


Authenticity of internal assessments and work will be verified through the latest anti-plagiarism tools as found in leading universities, while all external exams are carried out in secure, physical examinations centres, pre-vetted and registered with international awarding agencies. 


CGA has selected Pearson Edexcel as our primary curriculum partner. Pearson Edexcel is the UK’s leading provider of International GCSE and International A-Level qualifications, recognised throughout the world for their academic rigour and breadth of learning. At CGA, students will have access to the wide-range of subjects and resources offered by Edexcel, including New Zealand Scholarship Examination subjects, and competitive extracurricular activities, including International Olympiad Subjects.

There are several advantages for students pursuing these qualifications through Pearson Edexcel, as opposed to the more familiar Cambridge International route. Pearson Edexcel have adopted a different, more granular marking scheme, which allows for better differentiation between students in the middle and upper range of examinations results.


Pearson Edexcel offers greater flexibility to students through their modular exam system. With up to three examination sittings per year, students are given the option to sit individual modules of their International GCSE or International A Level subjects as opposed to completing the full examination (ie. all papers) in a single sitting. This smooths the workload for students throughout the year, allowing for a more balanced work-load and learning experience. 


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Pearson Edexcel qualifications are accepted and respected by universities throughout the world, including the very top institutions in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Each year, the examination board serves over 3 million students from 6500 schools in 120 countries throughout the world, numbers that are continuing to grow.


Extra-curricular Activities

Clubs and Groups:​

CGA students will have access to a wide variety of ECL opportunities, including exclusive and fast-track access to some of the 1,700+ ECL opportunities featured on www.crimsonecl.com.  

Clubs and student groups are largely run by the student body. New clubs and groups can be formed following a registration process involving a student leader, parent supporter and approval by the school dean. Examples of Clubs and groups include: NZ Biology Olympiad, Australasian Youth CubeSat Initiative, Girl Up New Zealand, Debating Club and more.

International Tours

CGA students have priority access to all of Crimson Education’s international tours, which provide unparalleled access to the world’s top universities, institutions and experiences, and build life-long friendships. Tours include:

The STEM Accelerator Tour takes students through a guided tour of the most innovative institutes and companies in the world, including: NASA, SpaceX, Google, Snapchat, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Caltech and more. Students will get a glimpse into the future.

The Model United Nations (MUN) tour provides students with the opportunity to participate and compete with the very best high-school debators in the world, while experiencing the facilities of prestigious universities, such as Harvard and Yale. 

Community and Support

CGA students have access to all of the community and support services of a brick-and-mortar school in a new and unique way.

Community Hub

Through Crimson Education-owned facilities and partnerships with institutes across New Zealand, CGA students have access to: study spaces, meeting rooms, science laboratories, social activities (such as theatre, dance and sports) and examination centres. 

University and Career Counselling

Students of CGA are provided with world-class support in career and university counselling. Students have access to experienced admission experts, as well as industry speakers.


Speakers may include: former Stanford Admission officers, former Prime Ministers or Alumni who have gained admissions into competitive programmes, universities and companies, such as medical schools or tech companies. 

Social Counselling

Led by our Pastoral care officer (“Dean”) and our qualified psychologist, CGA staff are trained to support students through social challenges, including health and well-being. Through CGA’s global network, we run regular social development programmes as well as provide access to private and confidential counselling sessions for our students. 


CGA Student Leadership Roles

Crimson Global Academy offers students two types of leadership opportunities: Entrepreneurial and Institutional.


Entrepreneurial roles by definition have not yet been created! Students can choose to launch new clubs, initiatives, ventures, sports or other activities and take leadership roles in their creation. 

Capstone Projects and DofE are great opportunities to establish entrepreneurial leadership.


Student leadership roles are roles selected by peers or by school leadership and are formal roles that are offered annually to students. Key student leadership roles in CGA are:


  • Head Student

  • Deputy Head Student (up to 4)

  • Senior Prefect (Crimson Jersey)

  • Prefect (Gold Badge)

  • School Ambassador (acting as an ambassador for Crimson Global Academy and supporting new student inductions) 


Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

Building the world's leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission:

To broaden international access to high-quality education through technology, ensuring that each student that leaves our school has the belief to accomplish their goals, and the tools to do it.

Our Values: 

  1. Education is the most powerful democratic and meritocratic force in the world - access to knowledge is a fundamental human right

  2. In-person education limits students to the quality of the best teacher in their area; online technology exposes students to the quality of the best teachers in the world - fundamentally, when education is borderless, potential is limitless

  3. All students have the ambition required to achieve their aspirations: the role of a school is to properly nurture and direct their passions, while providing them opportunities

  4. Schooling is as much a science as an art and schools must be constantly engineering their curricula and learning processes to give students the best education

  5. Technology-based learning methods are not a substitute, but a partner, to conventional approaches and the marriage of the two can generate deeply personalized education at scale

  6. Schools must embody the character traits they wish to instill in their students, none more than integrity and accountability

  7. Neither race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, wealth, nor location should be predictors of student achievement or limits on a student’s ability to realize a world-class education

  8. Families are critical partners in their child’s learning process, and work hand-in-hand with schools to ensure students are constantly supported and encouraged


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