Mark Phillips


Crimson Global Academy

Woolf Fisher Outstanding Teacher Fellow

Masters of Secondary School Leadership, Victoria University

BSc (Science), University of Auckland

Mark Phillips has over 35 years' experience in the education sector and, until recently, has served as the Deputy Principal of Macleans College. In his time as Deputy Principal, Macleans has consistently performed at the highest echelon in terms of academic results and overall performance. Whilst under his leadership, Macleans has seen several Top in New Zealand and Top in the World results from

their students in Cambridge IGCSE and A Level examinations.

Mark was awarded a Woolf Fisher Travelling Fellowship Outstanding Teacher Award, recognising his outstanding contribution to secondary education in the area of Mathematics. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Headmaster, Mark served as Head of Mathematics at Macleans. He has worked as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland, with responsibilities for both lecturing and further learning in the area of higher mathematics. He conducted a study on the methodology of calculus teaching, and how technology can play an important role in its conceptual development.

He has held positions including President, Vice President and Executive Member of the Auckland Mathematics Association and is an active board member of the Association of Cambridge Schools of New Zealand.

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