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Academically rigorous, internationally respected & university recognised: we offer multiple curriculum options that equip students seeking academic excellence.

About Pearson Edexcel

CGA has selected Pearson Edexcel as our primary curriculum partner. Pearson Edexcel is the UK’s leading provider of International GCSE and International A-Level qualifications, recognised throughout the world for their academic rigour and breadth of learning.

Each year, the Pearson run examination board serves a global community of over 3.4 million learners from 6500 schools in 120 countries throughout the world, numbers that are continuing to grow.

Demanding, rigorous, inclusive and empowering; Pearson’s programmes benefit from the traditional quality of the British educational system combined with a progressive, international outlook.

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Pearson Edexcel operates in over 120 countries around the world
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World’s largest education company and book publisher


Employs over 36,000 people across 60 countries


UK’s largest awarding body for academic and vocational qualifications


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University recognition of International A-Level qualifications

As an online high school we are often asked how the Pearson Edexcel Curriculum, and its resulting International A Level Qualifications, are recognised internationally.

Pearson is the UK’s largest academic and vocational Awarding organisation. Regulated by Ofqual, they offer a wide range of qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked. Pearson Edexcel qualifications are accepted and respected by most prominent universities across the world, including the very top institutions in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Singapore. The likes of Oxbridge universities (Cambridge and Oxford), Ivy League universities (Harvard, Princeton, Yale and many more) are a few of the many global powerhouses in education who accept Edexcel for admissions applications.

To learn more about University admission with the International A-Levels you may wish to read the following blog post:


Pearson Edexcel global university recognition guide

If you are interested in learning more about the global reach of Pearson EdExcel please download the following document which comprehensively explores


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Edexcel A Level global recognition by region


How Edexcel A Levels translate to local curricula and university admissions requirements by region

Features of Pearson Edexcel and equivalency with CAIE (Cambridge International)

Pearson Edexcel have developed their International GCSE and A-Level curriculum with an empowering student experience in mind. There are several features of Pearson Edexcel qualifications that students often appreciate.

For their International GCSE subject offering, Pearson Edexcel have adopted a granular marking scheme, which allows for better differentiation between students in the middle and upper range of examinations results. This allows top academic performers to further stand out in admissions applications.

For their International A-Level subject offering, Pearson Edexcel offers greater flexibility to students through their modular exam system. With up to three examination sittings per year, students are given the option to sit individual modules of their International A Level subjects as opposed to completing the full examination (ie. all papers) in a single sitting. Having the optionality of multiple examination sittings per year also provides students with greater opportunity to resit specific subject modules where they feel they could improve their grades without having to restudy and resit entire subject exams.

When combined, these unique offerings of Pearson Edexcel allow students to distribute their examination work-load across the entire academic year if they wish to do so. For many students this reduces the academic pressures they feel in relation to exams and makes pursuing top grades across many subjects a more manageable goal.

Pearson Edexcel International GCSE and A-Levels are considered to be academic equivalents to the Cambridge International GCSE and A-Level Examinations (CAIE). Both these qualifications are renowned for their academic rigor and allow students to showcase their candidacy for admission to competitive universities, particularly in the US or UK.

Resources to help you compare curricula

If you would like to more comprehensively understand the differences between Pearson and other common curricula we have many resources available.

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