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Financial aid and scholarships

Your family's financial circumstance will be taken into consideration during our admissions process. We provide scholarships to students with demonstrated need.

Equitable access to education

At Crimson Global Academy we believe that education is one of the most powerful democratic, meritocratic and equalizing forces in the world - one which has impacts that affect eternity. As such, contributing towards equitable access to knowledge is a commitment we hold deeply.

We believe that a family’s financial circumstance should not bar their child’s achievement, nor limit any student’s ability to realize a world-class education.

We are committed to empowering inspired, motivated and high-performing students with equitable access to our school.

We offer financial aid and scholarships to students who have shown excellence in their academic, extracurricular and leadership pursuits and can demonstrate the need for support.

Continued monetary support is contingent on student academic performance, active engagement in class and also with our Extracurricular and Leadership programme.

​To learn more please book a meeting with our academic advisors or inquire now by emailing our admissions team at

Equitable Access to Education
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Are you seeking financial aid or a scholarship?