Keisuke Shibata

Crimson Global Academy CEO

BA Physics, Economics

Georgetown University

Keisuke Shibata served Auckland International College (IB World School - AIC), one of the leading schools in New Zealand for 12 years from the school’s early days, establishing its status as a pathway to the world. As AIC's reputation grew both onshore and offshore, many talented students flooded to the school in pursuit of education leading to the world’s top universities.

Keisuke brought the school through the initial stage with a small number of students to its maturity within a few years. While acting as Managing Director, he led University Admissions Team to navigate a complicated university application process for students to gain offers from top universities - with many graduates have been accepted to top 10 US and UK universities.

In 2017, leveraging extensive experience in the educational industry from management, marketing, project development and university guidance, Keisuke took his career to the next level and established his own educational firm, The Oak Academy Foundation, to develop international schools and contribute to the K-12 school sector in New Zealand and beyond.

Keisuke believes in the power of education in creating a better world for this generation and the next and is dedicated to achieving equality in access to education in as many geographical locations as possible especially, Asia Pacific, Africa and North America. His passions and career goals include providing a new education platform to digital native generation – specifically an innovative online and offline blended education platform to bring the world together. 

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