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Accelerating future careers for ambitious students

Crimson Global Academy is the only high school offering educational, online and global internships and courses to accelerate future careers for ambitious students with companies like Uber, PwC and KPMG. As part of our mission to develop holistic individuals, CGA offers a wide variety of internships to develop the next generation of high-performing talent. These provide real-world experience to high school students and allow them an opportunity to interact with industry mentors.

Besides offering world-class extracurricular activities, we partner with global companies to offer high school students an opportunity to learn through projects. The internships and live careers training courses offer students an opportunity to explore a career before they go to university where they have to commit to a field of study. Every participating student also receives a reference letter written signed by a company representative.

Gain practical skills, build global networks, create massive impact and supercharge your career - all while still in high school!


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How can a high school internship help you?

Taking time to pursue your passion can help you reach your dream career as well as the university of your choice.

Discover a career you love

Many students are not sure about the career they want to pursue. An internship can help you find your passion.

Gain practical skills outside school

Most schools do not offer internship programmes or extracurricular activities that help you build real-world work skills.

Become part of a world-renowned brand

CGA only partners with well-known brands that are recognized worldwide. This will help when applying to universities or future jobs.

Begin networking early

An internship at a prestigious company can open you up to meeting some very important people. By networking with them, you are setting yourself up for success later on.

Build your candidacy

Each student who participates in the CGA internship receives a reference letter written and signed by a company representative. This can be used when applying for universities and future jobs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete the internship while attending school?

Yes. The CGA Internships are designed as extracurricular activities that can be done after school. A minimum commitment of 10 hours per week is required.

What if I miss a session?

All sessions will be recorded. Your mentors will also regularly check in with you to ensure you are up to date with seminars.

Can I still attend if I am in a different time zone?

Yes! Every cohort has set times that cater for students. 

How often will I interact with the company?

You will interact with the company at several occasions like onboarding, weekly office hours and the final pitch night. This program is not the end of your journey - you can interact and network with mentors and company representatives even after the program concludes.