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Term Options for Global Students

As a truly international school, CGA runs two school calendars. The Aoraki calendar suits students in the southern hemisphere and runs for four terms, starting in February and ending in December. Our Greenwich calendar suits northern hemisphere students and runs for three terms starting in September and ending in May of the following year. Speak to an advisor to create a plan for you!


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Key application dates
Edexcel GreenwichAPEdexcel GreenwichEdexcel AorakiEdexcel Aoraki
Regular application deadline1st August1st AugustNovember 30November 30March 28
Late application deadline1st September1st SeptemberJanuary 3January 29April 29
Student Orientation1st September22nd AugustJanuary 3 - January 16January 31April 25 - May 1
Term 1/First SemesterSeptember 2 - December 15September 2 - December 3January 17 - April 3February 1 - April 6May 2 - July 8
Term 2/ Second SemesterJanuary 4, 2023 - March 31January 3 – April 29, 2022April 19 - July 8April 26 - June 30August 1 - October 2
Term 3April 17 - July 7--August 29 - December 15July 17 - September 22October 17 - December 9
Term 4------October 9 - December 1--
ExamsMay/June 2023May 2022October 2022/January 2023October/January January 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?

CGA has 2 calendars:

  • Southern Hemisphere school calendar (Feb – Dec)
  • Northern Hemisphere school calendar (Sept – July)

New classes start in February and Sept and each class lasts for roughly nine months, followed by an examination period. Examinations are usually held in June/July and October/November.

Where are external exams sat?

In New Zealand, examinations have to be sat in a physical property approved by Pearson Edexcel. Initially, this will be in Newmarket, Auckland. Additional examination centres will be approved throughout New Zealand.

Internationally, there are hundreds of approved examination centres. You can find an examination centre near you on Find a Pearson centre.

When are the examinations?

Pearson Edexcel examinations will be held in January, June and October for most International AS/A2 subjects, and January and June for most International GCSE subjects.

English Literature will be examined in January and June.

Can I start from any time?

Yes. Please reach out to our Enrolment Team to create a plan that ensures the student is able to catch up on missed classes.

How long do the qualifications take? Can I take them faster?

The standard duration for International GCSE and International AS-Level courses is 12 months each, and a further 12 months for International A-Level courses. It is possible, however, for highly motivated students to complete the qualification more quickly.

You can take as many subjects at different levels at any given time.

If needed, you can sit your examination at a later date. This is something that can be explored with your academic support team.