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Access visibility of your children’s workload, progress and feedback, along with a seamless connection to those who matter in their education journey.

Features included in this release are:

  • academic progress
  • upcoming work
  • contact information
  • students timetable

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School Calendars

Our school has three key cohorts:

CGA Aoraki

Edexcel classes that are fixed in New Zealand Time are part of CGA Aoraki. - Typically taught by New Zealand teachers - Typically for students in New Zealand and Australia. - Two start dates per year: February and September

CGA Greenwich

Edexcel classes that are fixed in China Time are part of CGA Greenwich. - Typically taught by UK teachers. - Typically for students in Asia, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. - Two start dates per year: January and September


US Diploma, Advanced Placement and ESOL classes follow our US school calendar. - Three start dates per year in September, January, and June

CGA's Curriculum Choices

CGA offers a variety of curricula across different age groups.

Current cohorts

Frequently Asked Questions

When are exams held at CGA?

Based on the curriculum and cohort, there are several exam dates throughout the year.

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How do parents receive school reports at CGA?

CGA provides two types of reports - Signpost reports sent at the beginning of the year and Progress or Full reports sent at midterm and end of term.

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Does CGA have parent teacher meetings and how often do they occur?

We believe parents are an important of their children’s learning journey. While parents can get in touch with teachers, there are regularly scheduled meetings as well.

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What kind of tech does a student need to attend CGA?

Crimson Global Academy depends heavily on technological tools to deliver lessons. It is essential that you have appropriate equipment.

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What are the textbook requirements at CGA?

Depending on the course of study and curriculum, there are various textbook requirements for students.

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How do I access the academic results?

During each term, assessments will be undertaken. Results and feedback will be made available directly on the CGA Learning Management System.

For each subject, students are typically required to undertake externally set and marked assessments and these are typically in the form of in-person written exams. These assessments are administered and graded by Edexcel. Timelines and instructions on how to access these results will be provided closer to the time of assessment.

How long does each real-time, live teaching session last?

For Edexcel (Pre-IG, IG, and A-Level):

  • Week-day lessons are 60 minutes.
  • Weekend lessons are 1.5 hours

For US Diploma Classes:

  • One 2-hour lesson plus one hour of Q&A with the teacher per week

For ESOL Classes:

  • Two 1.5 hours lessons per week

For Advanced Placement classes:

  • One 2-hour lesson plus one hour of Q&A with the teacher per week
What if I miss a live class?

All students must attend classes. However, if this is not possible for an acceptable and valid reason, all lessons are recorded and so it is possible for students to access missed classes.

The parent or caregiver should email the subject teacher directly to request access to the recordings.

What should I do if my child is absent?

All student absences should be reported to the Attendance Inbox -

The absence notification should include:

  • Full name of the student
  • Reason / explanation for absence
  • Date of absence (with a return date if applicable)
  • Parent / Caregiver name

As a legal requirement, it is essential that the absence notification be provided by the caregiver/parent.

Ideally, the request for leave/absence notification is received prior to the lesson where possible.

As a matter of courtesy please also notify your class teacher of the absence and inquire about the work you have missed and need to catch up on.

As a parent, what support do I need to provide?

All children require their parents and caregivers to take a healthy interest in their studies.

Parents need to ensure their children lead an active and balanced life. Encouraging them to be involved in a number of activities is critical to student wellbeing and all-round development. Students benefit greatly from the sheer enjoyment that participation in a wide range of pursuits provides.

Regular reporting and feedback will support parents to monitor, transparently and easily, their child’s progress in assessments and class learning activities.

To participate in online schooling, parents must ensure their child has reliable, high speed internet access. To participate and interact, students are expected to have their video and audio feed connected throughout all lessons. If your child needs to turn off their video feed due to poor connectivity this will have a major effect on their ability to learn.

Where can I view my child's class timetable?

To view your child’s class timetable, please go to Google Calendar and login with your child’s CGA gmail and password.

Your child and you should have received instructions on how to setup the CGA email in the first Welcome Email from CGA.