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Faculty-Led Clubs

ECLs at CGA are focused on developing young leaders who have the skills needed to succeed in the future. Our faculty-led clubs follow a subscription method and are led by a teacher, providing students with experiences that will prepare them for future careers.

Student-Led Clubs

These clubs are formed by students and provide a way for them to collaborate with others globally on a subject of interest. Students can even propose and form new clubs. Here are a few student-led clubs that are currently run at CGA.

Leadership Positions

Like a traditional school, we offer a myriad of leadership opportunities to our students. Students can be elected for the following roles:

Upcoming Tours 2024

CGA offers students different opportunities to explore outside of our extracurricular activities with university and study experiences.

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​CGA students have priority access to all of Crimson Education’s international ​tours.

  • The STEM Accelerator Tour takes students through a guided tour of the most innovative institutes and companies in the world, including NASA, SpaceX, Google, Snapchat, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Caltech and more. Students will get a glimpse into the future.​

  • The Model United Nations (MUN) Tour provides students with the opportunity to participate and compete with the very best high-school debators in the world, while experiencing the facilities of prestigious universities, such as Harvard and Yale.

Summer Programmes or Internships

With a marketplace of programs from across the world, students can easily compare and apply to opportunities that align with their interests and goals. Whether you're looking to gain valuable work experience, explore a new culture, or simply expand your skill set, SummerApply has something for everyone. And with over 250 CGA students already using the platform, you'll be joining a thriving community of like-minded individuals. SummerApply is completely free to use!

Summer Apply


Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are there to participate in sports and fitness activities?

CGA has a health and wellbeing programme that aims to keep students fit and healthy. Students have access to 30-minute group fitness sessions 4 times a week and receive ongoing advice and support on their health and wellness habits.

CGA has partnerships and connections with various sports clubs. The CGA team through our dedicated sports co-ordinator can help connect students with sports clubs and activities near them as well as enter students into sports competitions as representatives of the school.

What opportunities are there to participate in arts and cultural activities?

CGA has a range of activities available for online arts and culture activities which includes a debating programme where students can access top quality coaching and a book and movie club where students can discuss.

Will I ever meet my classmates, in-person?

CGA runs meetups to allow CGA students to meet each other in person. There are also opportunities for students to travel on international tours and activities to meet CGA students from around the world.

CGA also has a range of extracurricular and leadership opportunities available for students. Students will get together to participate in events, training and competitions where appropriate.

Class lessons, when completed via the web, will involve considerable interaction with other students. Active participation in lessons will be a key ingredient to student success and enjoyment. This will be passionately fostered by CGA staff.

What will my social life be like?

CGA provides you with the platform and opportunities to have a rich and diverse social life. You’ll be entering a community of like-minded students, and we aim to help you make lifelong friends along the way.

You will become familiar with the students in your regular classes, but you’ll also have the opportunity to join online clubs and societies, plug into a network of local sporting clubs and organise social meetups with students in your area, as well as the option to attend a variety of field trips and tours.

We also encourage students to participate in local community groups, such as internships and volunteering, to build a positive social link to the community.