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Pastoral Care and Community

We offer a suite of resources designed to ensure they feel fully supported.

Pastoral Care

CGA has a comprehensive and effective pastoral care network that underpins a student’s entire experience at our school.

Our pastoral care programme provides guidance, advice and nurturing support for CGA students, as well as intervening in times of need. It enables each CGA student to become considerate and perceptive, able to tackle life's challenges head-on.

The CGA Pastoral Care Team provides the following support for students:

  • Experienced and well-supported Deans, who are consistently visible and approachable.  The Deans also have regular timetabled pastoral sessions with CGA students.  These sessions will discuss important topics such as safety while working online.
  • The Deans maintain regular contact with parents, to ensure that parents are aware of any pastoral matters relating to their children
  • A Deputy Principal who supports the Deans and has pastoral responsibility
  • A Pastoral Care Committee, led by the Principal, which meets each week to review pastoral support for students
  • Two resident School Counsellors.  Any student who wishes to access remote counselling can contact counsellors to request support
  • A registered Psychologist is available for consultations
  • A strong support network of experienced and caring teachers, who regularly liaise with the Deans to ensure strong pastoral support for CGA students
  • As a registered school we also have a full programme of safeguarding support, managed by a Designated Safeguarding Lead staff member.
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Community Hub

​Through Crimson Education-owned facilities and partnerships with institutes across New Zealand, CGA students have access to: study spaces, meeting rooms, science laboratories, social activities (such as theatre, dance and sports facilities) and examination centres.

As CGA’s global student body grows we are actively working to provide access to similar facilities in many more regions.

We facilitate online or in-person (and in some cases both) examination arrangements for all enrolled students, regardless of location.

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University and Career Counselling

CGA students are provided with world-class support in career and university counselling. Students have access to experienced admission experts through Crimson Education, as well as industry contacts.

Previously, these contacts have included former university admissions officers, Crimson alumni who have gained admissions into competitive scholarships, universities and companies beyond their schooling career and also outreach representatives from companies like Y Combinator and PwC.

We provide students with full support in preparing school university admissions documents, including an official transcript, recommendation letters and direct admissions counsellor communications to universities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I engage with teachers and management?

We encourage students and their parents to direct any questions directly to the relevant teacher or Dean through the various methods provided: email, office hours, phone call and more. Students will also have access to their tutors regarding academic queries. If the matter requires escalation, then the Principal or Deputy Principal should be contacted.

Is CGA a safe and inclusive environment?

CGA will ensure that all students will be provided with a safe learning environment.

CGA has experienced and talented teachers and specialist counselling staff who have worked in many of the best schools in NZ and across the world.

How does CGA guard against cyberbullying?

All CGA classes are recorded for the protection of students. The school has robust policies regarding the inappropriate use of the online space. The students will be inducted into the school’s expectations of behaviour.

Will there be a school counsellor?

Yes. Students will attend group classes on important social development topics. Students will also have private access to a trained counsellor when required.