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Our pay-per-subject fee structure covers all costs of our year long academic courses. Enrollment, equipment, exam and extracurricular costs may be additional.

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Policies and Notes

All pricing is per subject except for one-off costs (including our enrollment fee).

Our International GCSE, AS and A-Level academic courses are all one-year long. If you were to complete all three courses towards the International A-Level qualification (in a single respective subject) with Crimson Global Academy the total cost incurred would include the individual costs of each of the three involved courses. However, you would not be expected to pay the full fees upfront.

If a student is enrolled at a traditional brick and mortar school, they will still be considered a part-time student with CGA even if they do more than the standard full-time course load of 4+ subjects (20+ hours of instruction time per week) with us. Government regulations in most regions stipulate that a student can only be enrolled to one school in a full-time capacity.

If a student is studying both International GCSEs and International A-Levels, we use the average cost of the subject for the number of subjects taken at each level to calculate final price.

Fees are GST inclusive.

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Part-time & Full-time Categorization

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