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Admissions criteria and process

We provide personalised enrolment options suited to your unique goals. Our admissions process is simple and is outlined below.
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Your journey begins here

Crimson Global Academy provides a personalised education experience for all students. Students may enrol part-time, as a supplement to their main brick and mortar school, or in a full-time capacity. Our Academic Advisors and Admissions Team will closely guide you throughout the admissions process and help you evaluate which enrolment option is best suited to your specific requirements and goals. If you indicate an interest, you will also be considered for our financial aid and scholarships programme along this process.

All students admitted to Crimson Global Academy during our pre-enrolment periods will be asked about their current time constraints so that our global timetable can be built to accommodate their existing commitments. Once this occurs, a personalised timetable is created for each individual student.

All students will be eligible to receive CGA Academic transcripts and school reports, which can be sent directly to the student’s brick and mortar school and also to as many universities as they may wish to apply to.

Your Journey Begins Here

Enrolment criteria

Enrolment to CGA is competitive as we aim to maximise personalised learning and student success through small class sizes. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all students. Our Admissions Team takes a holistic view of each student and focuses on their willingness and motivation to improve. Students who display genuine enthusiasm about learning at Crimson Global Academy are likely to be a good fit for our programmes and our community.

Flexible enrolment options

What is our admissions process?

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